Interchangeable-lens Cameras

Interchangeable-lens Cameras

Interchangeable-lens Cameras
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Alpha 7 IV full-frame hybrid camera



A new era of image communication

Photo of a person live-streaming with the camera Photo of a person live-streaming with the camera

A new era of image communication

Instantly turn your α7 IV into a web camera

All it takes is a USB connection to turn the full-frame α7 IV into a high-performance webcam. There's no need for complicated advance setup, just connect the camera to a computer or smartphone via USB, select "Live Stream (USB Streaming)", and you're set.

Photo of a creator live-streaming in 4K

4K0 / Full HD Live

The α7 IV supports UVC (USB Video Class) / UAC (USB Audio Class) standards that are usually included in USB cameras, so there's no need to prepare dedicated software in advance. Just connect via USB and get ready to go live at up to 4K resolution
Photo of a person attaching a USB cable to the camera

Quick and easy setup for live streaming

The α7 IV makes live streaming easy. When you connect to a computer via USB, the USB function selection menu will pop up on the camera display. Simply select "Live Stream (USB Streaming)" and you'll switch to that mode immediately, without needing any advance setup.
Photo of a complete lineup of lenses from Sony

Changeable lenses expand your expressive options during live streaming 

With more than 60 Sony original E-mount lenses, from wide to telephoto focal lengths, plus premium and specialist creative lenses, there are near-limitless expressive choices for your streaming or sharing.
Comparison photos with Soft Skin Effect turned off (left side) and on ("Mid" setting, right side)

Soft Skin Effect 

The α7 IV's built-in Soft Skin Effect makes skin look bright and beautiful, softening wrinkles, blemishes and dull-looking areas while adding emphasis to the eyes and mouth. This feature is available for still shots, movies and live streaming.

Share your still images and movies immediately

The α7 IV is designed to make sharing easy, so you can share your fresh images, and your vision, with the world immediately.

The menu display for selecting between 5GHz and 2.4GHz settings

5GHz Wi-Fi

Wireless LAN functionality is available, with a 5GHz band in addition to the conventional 2.4GHz band (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards are supported). The benefits of 5GHz communication include faster data transfer.
The menu display for FTP transfer settings

Background FTP file transfer

This feature lets you transfer still-image and movie files to a specified remote FTP server via wireless LAN, high-speed wired LAN (via a compatible USB-Ethernet adaptor cable to the camera’s USB Type C® port), or a USB-tethered smartphone. 

Improvements in selection and editing workflow 

The α7 IV incorporates a number of individual improvements to image selection and editing, adding up to smoother overall workflow that allows large amounts of data to be efficiently managed.

The LCD in playback mode, showing scenes clearly divided by Divider Frames

Create Divider Frames  for faster access and selection

Still-image Divider Frames  can be inserted between images in order to quickly locate desired scenes; a black background with a grey arrow indicates a new scene or section.
The display showing playback of a movie clip that uses essence marks

Adding movie markers (essence marks)

Two types of shot marks, used as "essence marks" or flags, can be easily added to recorded movie footage to mark favourite takes or scenes, and the main dial can be used to quickly navigate from one mark to the next during playback.
The menu display for selection of images to be transferred

Numerous choices in selecting files to be transferred

Files can be selected to be transferred according to criteria such as rating, shot marks, protection status or file format. Single files can be transferred manually with a custom button.