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Illustration comparing the dimensions of the ECM-G1 microphone capsule and a standard built-in microphone [1] General internal camera's mic capsele; 4mm [2] Linear PCM recorder PCM-D100 mic capsle; 14.6mm [3] Shotgun microphone ECM-G1 mic cupsle; 14.6mm

High-quality sound from a large-diameter microphone capsule 

Despite its overall compact size, the ECM-G1 shotgun microphone is built around a large-diameter (14.6mm) microphone capsule, designed to provide clear sound capture while effectively suppressing noise.  [1] Built-in microphone  [2] PCM-D100  [3] ECM-G1 
A situational image of a woman who is talking on a café

Ideal for clear vocal pickup

The ECM-G1 is particularly suitable for picking up the frequency bands characteristic of human voices. The microphone captures voices in a clear and easily audible manner, for excellent recording of vlog monologues, interviews and conversations.
Polar chart showing the sound acquisition characteristics of ECM-G1

Super-cardioid characteristics for highly directional pickup 

Just like larger shotgun microphones, the ECM-G1 features a super-cardioid capsule design. This focuses the audio pickup to a narrow target in front of the microphone, suppressing ambient sounds and making it perfect for vlogging and interviews.
Photo of ECM-G1, which is so compact that you can easily carry it and your camera in your everyday bag

Shotgun microphone functionality in a compact package

At less than 50mm (1.97 inches) in length and 34 grams (1.4oz) in weight, the ECM-G1 is highly portable and ready to go wherever you're shooting. The front of the unit won't interfere with your shot even when you're using a wide-angle lens, and it can fit easily into setups that include gimbals or grips.
Photo of the camera and ECM-G1 connected via MI shoe

Cable-free connection through an MI Shoe

The ECM-G1 connects to, and is directly powered from, Sony's compatible cameras via an MI (Multi Interface) Shoe. In addition to simple connectivity and portability, you’ll enjoy interference and mechanical noise-free shooting, with no need for external cable connections.
The image of the battery being shared from the main unit

Convenient battery-free operation 

The MI Shoe of compatible cameras serves to supply power directly to the microphone, so you don't have to worry about microphone batteries running out of charge midway through a shoot. 
Photo of the ECM-G1 connected to the camera and fitted with a fur type jammer for wind protection.

Shock and vibration suppression

The ECM-G1 incorporates a shock- and vibration-suppressing design that effectively reduces low-frequency vibration noise, including noise when zooming the lens or focusing. The cable-free setup also eliminates the possibility of vibration noise being transmitted through connector cables.
Rear image of the product with the MI shoe mounting area enlarged. This reduces vibration noise

Supplied wind screen for outdoor shoots

The microphone comes with a wind screen that is very effective at reducing wind noise when you're shooting outdoors.