WF-C700N Selected Video Transcript

This video demonstrates the key features of Sony's WF-C700N wireless Noise Cancelling headphones. It follows the daily routines of two people, demonstrating how the WF-C700N headphones fluidly adapt to and enhance their lifestyles.

The video opens at a busy launderette, where our first character puts their laundry into a machine and takes a pair of black WF-C700N true wireless headphones from a pocket-sized charging case, inserting them in his ears. A close-up demonstrates their comfortable, secure fit, along with the pressing of the touch-activated surface on the left earbud to activate the Noise Cancelling function. This action immediately blocks out the ambient chatter and laundry sounds. The headphones are paired to his smartphone, on which he is able to watch a skateboarding video while his laundry is being done.

We see him press the left earbud again to switch to an Ambient Sound mode and the sound of the launderette is naturally re-introduced, along with the sound of a machine beeping to inform him his laundry is complete.

We then cut to a woman working in fashion design. She is standing over a tablet and drawing with a stylus but is clearly distracted by the ambient sound of the studio. She takes her WF-C700N headphones from her bag and, with Noise Cancelling activated, is now able to concentrate on her work.

We continue to follow her at the end of her working day, as she walks out to the street. Her headphones automatically switch to an Ambient Sound mode for walking, ensuring she is aware of the traffic and her surroundings, and then to a voice-aware Ambient Sound mode, demonstrated by a chance meeting and conversation with a friend that does not require her to remove her headphones.

We return to the first character, who is now at a skatepark with friends. The 360 Reality Audio and DSEE audio processing features are highlighted, as he enjoys the immersive sound of his music during a break from skateboarding. As he leaves the park, we are also shown how he can use the free Sony | Headphones Connect app to manually adjust EQ and other settings using his smartphone.

Cutting back to the female character at her home, the Multipoint connection function is demonstrated when she is working on, and listening to wireless audio from, a notebook computer, but is able to seamlessly accept a phone call from her smartphone without needing to manually switch devices. The freedom of movement from the wireless design and the wind-noise-reduction structure are demonstrated as the hands-free call continues outside on her balcony.

A short time-lapse is used to highlight the long 7.5 hours of battery life, and up to 15 hours of mobile use, thanks to the charging case that offers up to 60 minutes of listening from just a 10-minute charge.

As the day ends, we see the female character getting ready for bed and the headphone's IPX4 splash resistance demonstrated through their placement on the edge of the bathroom sink. The simple operation is also highlighted as she places them in her ears and restarts playback using a quick tap of the right earbud. 

The video closes with the male character meeting a friend at the entrance of a grand building as evening falls, overlaid with product images highlighting the full range of four WF-C700N colours available, followed by the animated Sony logo.