Picture of a person taking the ECM-W2BT out of their pocket

Compact and lightweight design for mobility

The ECM-W2BT is light in weight and easy to carry, providing excellent mobility especially when shooting outdoors. The microphone unit weighs in at just 27 grams (1.0 oz) while the receiver is 28 grams (1.0 oz), so they won't weigh you down during a shoot.
Picture of a person using a camera with the ECM-W2BT, with no cables connecting them

Easy, cableless configuration for stress-free shooting

With a Sony camera equipped with an MI Shoe you can enjoy a cable-free setup, eliminating worries about troublesome cables and accidental disconnection. The Digital Audio Interface available on compatible cameras also ensures pristine, high-quality digital sound. 
Product image showing toggle buttons

Conveniently adjustable audio pickup modes

A switch on the receiver lets you select from three available pickup modes—microphone only, receiver only, or a mix of both microphone and receiver. 
Product image showing the link lamp

Protection against recording failures

The ECM-W2BT features clear indicator LEDs on the receiver for peace of mind while recording. A LINK lamp shows the status of communication between the microphone and receiver, while a POWER lamp indicates remaining battery charge.
Product image of the ECM-W2BT, with the transmitter and receiver held together using the supplied protective holder

Easy portability

The connector protect holder included with the ECM-W2BT can be used to carry the receiver and microphone together as one unit. The holder is designed to make it easy to use the receiver and microphone in combination, and it also functions as a handy storage unit when you want to take the ECM-W2BT with you somewhere.