Images of BC-TRX Cyber-shot Battery Charger
Images of BC-TRX Cyber-shot Battery Charger


Quickly charge your Cyber-shot™ battery

Charge your digital camera battery faster than re-charging the main camera body so you will not miss shooting opportunities

Power a whole range of Cyber-shot™ batteries

Charger is compatible with 7 types of battery, including NP-BX1, NP-BN1, NP-BN, NP-FG1/BG1, NP-FD1/BD1/FT1, NP-FR1 and NP-BK1

Flexibility to charge more devices

Use the USB charge function and supplied micro USB cable to power up Handycam® camcorders and Compact System Cameras too

Check the status indicator to see power levels

See how long it will be before you are back shooting by tracking approximate % charging status on the indicator lamp


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