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External Flash with Wireless Radio Control



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Small, powerful, reliable, radio wireless flash

This high-output GN280 flash offers the type of optimised performance and control that only a genuine Sony product can provide. It can be controlled directly from the camera and is small enough to fit in a pocket while offering professional durability as well as wireless radio communication for a wide range of applications.

Effective overheating prevention

An optimised flash control algorithm provides excellent flash performance while effectively preventing overheating for long-term stability and reliability.

Stable radio wireless communication

The HVL-F28RM features stable radio wireless communication. One HVL-F28RM that will function as a commander can be mounted on a compatible camera1 and paired with other off-camera HVL-F28RM units that will function as a receiver. Radio communication provides reliable communication over longer distances that are possible with optical communication, even in bright sunlight or when there are obstacles between the camera and subject. Slow sync, rear-curtain sync, and multi flash are supported1.
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Comprehensive control from the camera

Flash compensation, light ratio, and other detailed flash parameters can be controlled directly from a compatible camera0, and a custom key assignment can allow adjustments to be made while looking through the viewfinder. Flash parameters are shown in the selected camera display language.

Multi flash radio control

When used as a flash commander the HVL-F28RM can control up to 15 flash and/or receiver units in five groups01 at distances of up to 35 m/114 ft2 for extraordinary lighting control versatility.
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Lighting tailored to individual scenes

With powerful output that rivals the HVL-F45RM, plenty of light is available for bounce applications, and the flash angle can be set as required via 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, and 120 degree click stops. A lock is provided at the 0-degree position to prevent unwanted angle changes in hectic shooting situations.
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Reliable in harsh outdoor conditions

Like all of Sony’s high-end flash units, the HVL-F28RM features a dust and moisture resistant design0 that contributes to high reliability in harsh outdoor conditions.
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Metal shoe foot with rugged side frame

The Multi Interface shoe features a newly developed metal shoe foot with rugged side frame, significantly increasing strength and reliability.
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Direct light level control

Dedicated + and – LEVEL buttons allow direct, speedy light output and flash compensation control, and can also be used to control the same parameters on other wirelessly paired flash units for smooth, efficient workflow.
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High-speed sync (HSS)

Normal maximum flash sync speeds mean that the shutter speed must be stopped down when using daylight fill flash, making it difficult to produce background bokeh. High-speed sync allows the flash to be synchronised to the full range of shutter speeds0 so that large apertures can be used to create bokeh wherever desired.

Through-the-lens (TTL) wireless flash

Flash output can be accurately determined by through-the-lens light measurement, even when shooting wirelessly. The position and direction of the flash can be adjusted to soften shadows and highlights when shooting a subject from the front, or to add shadows for a sense of depth when needed. Wireless flash ratio control is available.
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Multi/Micro USB terminal

The flash unit can be connected to a computer via its Multi/Micro USB terminal for convenient software updating.
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Test flash mode

The test flash mode enables you to check shadows on the subject before taking photos, and also to check the light level using an external flash meter, which is essential for studio photography. The light level of the test flash depends on the light level setting in manual flash (M) mode, and the flash unit fires with a light level of 1/1 in through-the-lens (TTL) mode.
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Flash control based on face detection

The HVL-F28RM works with the face detection capabilities of compatible cameras0 to balance flash output with ambient light conditions so that subject's face is rendered with lifelike, accurate white balance.

Auto white balance adjustment

Colour temperature information is transferred from the flash unit to the camera to ensure accurate white balance for natural-looking colours. With compatible cameras0 flash output is automatically balanced with ambient light conditions so that skin tones are rendered with ideal white balance.