Bluetooth Headphones

Listening to music stored on your MP3 player or smartphone is easy with our Bluetooth headphones. Keep reading to learn more and discover the perfect pair for you.

Step into a world without wires

Our Bluetooth headphones are designed with freedom and convenience in mind. With a host of great features – including large drivers, ultra-wide frequencies, and leading audio enhancement technology – built-in, every track bursts with quality. And with no wires to hold you back, you’ll be able to enjoy your music without distractions.

Man wearing Bluetooth headphones on a run
Man wearing Sony's best Bluetooth headphones on the go

Make the connection

Enhance your listening experience with our best Bluetooth headphones. In an instant, you can connect your headphones to your smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player, and enjoy every track hassle-free. On the go? Try a pair of ultra-portable Bluetooth earbuds and put the power of Sony technology in your pocket.

Experience High-Resolution Audio

Bring out the best in every song with High-Resolution Audio on select Bluetooth headphones. Uniting each component from signal to speaker, High-Resolution Audio surpasses CD quality, emphasising the subtlest details in your music. Added features like DSEE enhance each note for more lifelike listening – just as the artist intended.

Sony's best Bluetooth headphones with high-resolution audio
Black Bluetooth in-ear headphones from Sony

Quality components

Open the door to amazing sound quality with our Bluetooth in-ear headphones. High-tech drivers ensure your music remains pure and precise, from soaring vocals to guitar-shredding solos. The wide frequency on our Bluetooth range handles low and high ends with ease, no matter what the volume.

A new high for low-ends

Shake things up with our best Bluetooth headphones and experience intense bass. Beat Response Control uses sculpted vents to fight distortion and enhance airflow, optimising low frequencies for deeper, more accurate rhythms. Powerful neodymium driver units keep every note rich and crisp, while also giving power to every track.

Man listening with Bluetooth in-ear headphones
Black Bluetooth headphones with phone from Sony 

Effortlessly convenient

Let a pair of Bluetooth headphones make your life a little simpler. Wireless technology makes tangled cords a thing of the past, and ensures connecting your headphones to a smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player is quick and easy. Want to skip a track or answer a call? No problem – just use the built-in controls and microphone.