Images of VCT-VPR1 Remote Control Tripod
Steady shooting. Easy control.

Compose every shot with easy precision and control. This lightweight, remote control tripod lets you take charge of the angle and zoom from a distance. An oil fluid head delivers smooth panning in any direction, and a grid line button lets you check the alignment of your shot for precision everytime.

Remote control zoom
Get up close

Bring your subject closer with the zoom control on the remote.

Grid line button
Compose with confidence

Check vertical and horizontal alignment with a grid line button.

Easy mounting with the quick shoe

Always capture the moment perfectly – quickly attach your Handycam® for steady shooting and then easily release when you're done.

Specifications & Features

  • Lightweight, compact, aluminium frame

  • Control panning and zoom remotely

  • Grid line button for precise alignment

  • Quick shoe for fast Handycam attachment

  • Multi-interface cable for attaching other cameras

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