High-quality recording and digital transmission

Digital Signal Processing

Sony's proprietary algorithms enable noise reduction as well as directivity

The ECM-B10 converts analogue sound to digital within the microphone body and performs digital signal processing using Sony's unique algorithms, enabling three directional pickup patterns as well as noise reduction. In-body digital conversion also helps to reduce noise inside the microphone.
Illustrations that use sound wave to show how analogue sound is converted to digital sound.

Highly efficient noise filter

Noise cut filter using digital signal processing

The ECM-B10's noise-cut filter is very effective at reducing extraneous ambient noises through the use of digital signal processing algorithms, maximising audio quality at the recording stage and reducing the need for complex post processing.
Close-up view of the filter switch on the rear panel. The switch is set to the noise-cut filter.

Digital audio transmission

No audio degradation during transmission

When used in combination with a camera equipped with a Multi Interface (MI) Shoe that supports a digital audio interface, the ECM-B10 transmits audio directly as a digital signal, delivering high-quality sound without degradation. 
Illustration explaining digital sound converted in the microphone enters the camera body as digital sound through the Multi Interface Shoe compatible with digital audio interface