Resolution and speed

Cycle racer turning a corner Cycle racer turning a corner

Resolution and speed

50.1 megapixels at up to 30 frames/second

The α1 offers an extraordinary combination of high resolution and blazing speed. Ultra-fast readout from the 50.1 MP sensor allows continuous bursts at up to 30 fps0 with AF and AE tracking using the electronic shutter. Perfect for sports or any situation where the critical action is over in an instant.
30 continuous-shooting images of a cycle racer
Image sequences with and without blackouts

Blackout-free for an uninterrupted view

An interrupted blackout-free view of the subject lets you respond instantly and seamlessly. The EVF is updated to minimise latency during continuous shooting.

(A) Blackout-free Shooting  (B) Shooting with blackouts

Blocking volleyball player detected by autofocus

120 AF/AE tracking calculations per second

Fast sensor readout enables 120 AF/AE calculations per second, even during 30 fps bursts, for pinpoint AF tracking precision with fast and erratic subjects. AE latency is less than 0.033sec.

(1) AF/AE calculations  (2) 60 times/sec  (3) 20 frames/sec

Two deer fighting

Silent, vibration-free shutter

A silent electronic shutter provides greater opportunities for shooting sports and other subjects where noise is not tolerated. Vibration-free operation contributes to high image quality.
Examples of rolling-shutter distortion

Anti-distortion Shutter

Fast sensor readout minimises still-image distortion when using the electronic shutter. The BIONZ XR™ engine and a large buffer achieve about 1.5x less distortion than the α9 II.

[1] Conventional electronic shutter  [2] Anti-distortion shutter

Blocking volleyball player detected by autofocus

Flicker-free electronic & mechanical shutters

Another world first: flicker-free electronic and mechanical shutters. You get flicker-free shooting under fluorescent/artificial lighting with all the benefits of the electronic shutter.

Anti-flicker [1] OFF  [2] ON

Exmor RS CMOS image sensor

Full-frame stacked 50.1 MP Exmor RS™ CMOS sensor with integral memory

A stacked architecture in this back-illuminated 50.1 MP full-frame image sensor contributes to high resolution and speed. Separate pixel and circuit layers and advanced A/D conversion mean faster processing.
BIONZ XR image processing engine

All-new architecture and BIONZ XR image processing engine

The new BIONZ XR engine features advanced architecture that delivers 8x greater processing power. The result is outstanding image quality as well as improved camera interface response.

Advanced flash features for broader expression

Portrait of model

Flash sync with electronic shutter

For the first time in an α camera, electronic shutter flash sync is possible thanks to high readout speed from the stacked CMOS sensor. All electronic shutter advantages remain available for flash shooting.
Cycle rider at sunset

Dual driven shutter drive for flash sync up to 1/400 sec.

The world’s first dual driven shutter system allows flash sync up to 1/400 sec., making it easier to capture dynamic action and opening the door to new creative possibilities.