Portable Audio Player

Portable Audio Player

Portable Audio Player

High-end components

Upgraded components for an enhanced sound

We've upgraded many of the internal components so that the ZX700 series now has components you'd expect from the highest-grade player, to give it a dramatic evolution in sound quality.

Large solid high-polymer capacitor

Adopted as battery assist for the amplifier block, the newly developed large solid high-polymer capacitor offers large capacitance and low resistance. Able to instantaneously supply large amounts of power, it can accurately output signals by preventing sudden falls in voltage. This contributes to clear, powerful and accurate bass sound, as well as clear vocals.
A close-up image of the NW-ZX707 large solid high-polymer capacitor.

FT CAP3 (High-polymer capacitor)

Custom-made for Sony and tuned by Sony engineers, FT CAP3 is adopted for all bypass capacitors in the audio block power supply. Drawing on know-how cultivated in high-end home audio development, they help to improve sound expression and create a smoother sound, with a wider sound space, more transparency, and tighter bass.
A close image of the NW-ZX707 custom made FT CAP3.

Large coil for balanced output

To supply the optimum balanced output signal from the digital amp, a larger, 8-mm coil is used as the L-C filter. By incorporating flat conductive wire, we've achieved lower distortion and lower resistance, which creates an improved sound resolution across all frequencies.
An image of the large coil, within the NW-ZX707.

OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) milled block

An OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) milled block covers the digital block, helping both to strengthen digital ground and improve noise shielding from digital block elements such as the application processor and memory devices. The result is a clearer sound that appears to rise up from silence.
An image of the Oxygen-Free Copper milled block, within the NW-ZX707.
An image displaying the S-Master HX digital amp technology, within the NW-ZX707.

Faithful sound reproduction

S-Master™ HX digital amp technology, independently developed for Walkman®, is compatible with the Native DSD format and supports balanced and high-power output. It reduces distortion and noise across a wide range of frequencies, for rich and full-bodied sound, further enhanced by new high-quality sound lead-free solder.

S-master HX icon
An image displaying the film capacitor, within the NW-ZX707.

Film Capacitors

High-quality film capacitors deliver voltage with a linear response across frequencies, resulting in reduced distortion and noise.
An image displaying the high-polymer capacitor, within the NW-ZX707.

High-polymer capacitors

The high-polymer capacitors within the NW-ZX700 series are used to strengthen the power supply of the amp block for unbalanced output, enhancing low-range reproduction performance for a more expansive listening experience.
An image showcasing the milled aluminium frame, protecting the NW-ZX707.

Milled aluminium frame

An aluminium-alloy frame provides a highly rigid case that's resistive to electrical noise and other interference for stable, high-quality sound.
An image of the OFC cable, sat within the NW-ZX707.

OFC Cable

The low-resistance Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) cable is used for internal headphone connection, offering low distortion and superior channel separation.
An image of the crystal oscillators, sat within the NW-ZX707.

Crystal oscillators

Two compact low-phase-noise crystal oscillators ensure precision clock stability at sampling rate multiples of 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz. The crystal electrode piece is formed with gold vapour deposition for enhanced electric characteristics and improved instrumental separation. This helps remove a veil and reduce noise to realise clear, open sound reproduction.
An image of the Fine Sound Register, sat within the NW-ZX707.

Fine Sound Register

The surface-mounted Fine Sound Register ensures even, effective distribution of power to the circuit components, for consistent sound quality.
An image of the high-quality solder containing gold, which is included in the NW-ZX707 design.

High-quality solder containing gold

The exceptional conductivity of gold ensures absolute minimum signal loss. For clearer sound and vocals, a premium, audio-grade lead-free solder with a small amount of gold connects the circuit of the NW-ZX700 series to the battery.
An image of the reflow solder containing gold, sat within the NW-ZX707.

Reflow solder containing gold

Just like previous acclaimed premium Walkman® models, the ZX700 series uses reflow solder containing gold, and it features extensively across the circuit board surface—so the overall effect is significant, including improved sound localisation and a wider sound space.
An image displaying the differences between circuit board A and B.

Low dielectric circuit board and filled via

The printed circuit board uses low dielectric material to realise accurate signal transmission, while the via holes are filled with copper to further reduce impedance. The result is a wide sound space with clear, bright sound.
[A] Normal via [B] Filled via

Optimised Circuit board Layout

By dividing the Audio block (highlighted in red) and the Power/Digital block (in blue), the circuit board layout has been optimised to ensure sound quality is unaffected by digital interference.
A image of the circuit board, sat within the NW-ZX707.
An image of the NW-ZX707, laying on a flat surface.

Balanced Connection

The ZX700 series features a balanced single plug, designed for the Ø4.4-mm balanced connection cable. This separates left and right sound signals, while minimising signal transmission loss and resulting sound deterioration.