AI-driven performance

AI-driven performance

AI processing unit for advanced subject recognition

The α7R V is equipped with an AI processing unit specifically dedicated to processing significant amounts of data to enable more accurate recognition of subjects and recognition of a wider range of subject types.
Image of an AI chip

Human pose estimation

The α7R V uses subject form data to recognise movement, providing a roughly 60% improvement in human eye recognition0. Human pose estimation uses learned human forms and postures to precisely recognise not just eyes, but body and head position, making it possible to lock onto and track a subject facing away from the camera or wearing a mask, for example.
Image of a woman walking in the woods

Recognise a wider range of subjects

In addition to humans, animals and birds, the camera now recognises insects, cars, trains and airplanes0, providing even greater flexibility and reliability when shooting both stills and movies. Heads and bodies are now recognised in addition to eyes (Real-time Eye AF) for the Human, Animal, and Bird settings.
Images of horse, airplane, bird, car, train and butterfly

Improved accuracy of WB control

The α7R V's AWB function has evolved in tandem with the camera's AI capabilities. In addition to the "Visible Light + IR sensor" on the front of the body, the camera's AI processing unit helps to achieve more accurate white balance in difficult lighting, such as when the subject is in shadow.
Image of a waterfall and trees

Shooting responsibly when using face registration

The face registration feature involves the use of biometric data. You are responsible for your collection and use of such data, and compliance with applicable local law. For more details, please visit the web site below.