Powerful low end for your ride


Meet our XS-W124GS 30 cm (12 in) subwoofer with 420W CTA RMS power handling. A diaphragm directly connected to the voice coil, together with the foam rubber surround, offers tight and deep bass, while the long excursion design delivers rich tones for every journey.

  • XS-W124GS


 Front-on image of the XS-W124GS speaker

Paper cone diaphragm with polypropylene cap

A light-weight paper cone diaphragm directly connected to the voice coil reproduces tight low end. The injected polypropylene dust cap ensures rigidity and optimises internal damping, realising powerful and responsive bass sound.

 Close-up of the rubber surround for the XS-W124GS speaker

Rubber surround

A rubber surround reduces excessive vibration and supports cone excursion with less distortion. The result is a solid bass response at high volume levels so that your system can play loud and clear.

 Image of the progressive height rate double spider of the XS-W124GS speaker

Progressive height rate double spider

The acoustically optimised spider allows for higher power handling and airflow, with a profile designed for more rapid and precise cushioning of the speaker cone. To increase signal integrity and prevent sound interference, the lead wire from the voice coil is also sewn to the spider, reducing wire movement.

 Diagram highlighting the long excursion structure within the XS-W124GS speaker

Long excursion structure

The voice coil is supported by the double-layered spider, suppressing unwanted rolling, while also ensuring long excursion to reproduce rich bass sounds.

 Image comparing previous and current packaging with colour drops and –90% text on the left

Environment in mind

Our products are not only designed to be stylish but also with the environment in mind. For the individual packaging of the XS-W124GS, 98% of the cushions are made of paper materials, and compared to the prior model, printed information has been carefully considered for simplicity and length to reduce printer ink usage by approximately 90%, reflecting Sony's commitment to reducing environmental impact.

30 cm (12 in) paper cone diaphragm with polypropylene cap

Progressive height rate double spider for high power handling

1,800 W peak / 300 W rated / 420W CTA RMS power handling

Frequency response: 35 Hz–900 kHz

Sensitivity: 88 dB (1W/1 m)

Eco message

Sony is committed not only to offering products, services and content that deliver exciting experiences but also to working towards our goal of a zero environmental footprint throughout our business activities.