Cinematography meets robotics

The FR7 provides smooth pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) control coupled with a full-frame image sensor and a high-quality E-mount lens line-up. Focal length and shallow depth of field provide creative freedom and combine with remote PTZ control capability to open a new world of creative potential. 

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Capture the world from new angles
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Superb, cinematic imagery
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Explore the possibilities with remote PTZ 
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Connectivity to match creative workflows
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Sony and the environment 
Capture the world from new angles
Remote control for creative camera placement 

With its integrated, remotely controllable pan and tilt mechanism, the FR7 can be mounted on the ceiling or in other out-of-the-way locations. Follow your subjects or instantly recall pre-composed shot framings, for unprecedented creative potential. 

Innovative remote control 

With a newly developed Web App that enables easy access via QR code or URL input, you can set up the FR7 from a tablet or a PC through a web browser. You can also use the optional RM-IP500 for precise joystick-controlled pan, tilt and zoom operation

Advanced technology for cinematic expression

Bearing the Cinema Line name, the FR7 incorporates key features that support cinematic expression. The FR7 features a back-illuminated 35 mm full-frame CMOS image sensor for the first time in a pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) camera. Also the BIONZ XR™ contributes to superb image quality with high sensitivity, smooth gradations, and true-to-life colour. 

Limitless creativity with E-mount lenses

The FR7 features Sony's E-mount and can be used with all E-mount lenses. These include the superlative G Master series, known for its stunning resolution and beautiful bokeh. A choice of focal lengths ranging from 12 mm to 1200 mm gives you comprehensive creative control.

Superb, cinematic imagery 
Cinema Line image quality

The FR7's "Cinema Line" name identifies it as part of a renowned line-up of creative tools designed to unleash the true power of visual storytelling. It provides Custom and Cine EI modes that adjust camera operation to your workflow while maintaining consistency with other Cinema Line cameras. 

Illustration showing the latitude
Staggering latitude for powerful expression

The FR7 offers wide 15+ stop latitude to prevent blown highlights and crushed shadows. In Cine EI mode, base sensitivity can be set to either ISO 800 or 12800 for a consistent look regardless of lighting conditions. 

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Astounding image quality in low light 

The FR7 offers cleaner images in low light by taking full advantage of the sensor’s size and high sensitivity. ISO can be expanded as far as ISO 409600 when shooting in extremely low light conditions such as live concerts. 

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Slow motion for extensive creative possibilities 

Smooth 5x slow motion provides extensive creative possibilities, making every moment clearer and more dramatic. The FR7 allows internal slow-motion capture at up to 120 fps in 4K resolution, and up to 240 fps in full HD. 

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4K 60p 4:2:2 10-bit output 

The FR7 supports clean, high-quality output via its HDMI and SDI OUT connectors. This makes it possible to record Apple ProRes 422 or Avid DNxHR® in 4K 60p 4:2:2 10-bit format with compatible external recorders via an HDMI or SDI cable.

City image with low-contrast and high-contrast halves
Support for S-Log3/S-Gamut3

The optional S-Log3 gamma curve and S-Gamut3.Cine let you capture the full colour gamut and dynamic range available to the sensor. They enable the retention of information in both highlights and shadows for flexibility in post-production.

Illustration showing the difference between All-Intra and Long-GOP compression
All-Intra recording for precise motion capture 

The FR7 is capable of 4K internal recording with 10-bit depth and 4:2:2 colour sampling with All-Intra and Long-GOP compression. This makes it possible to push your colour grades further while still retaining natural gradation, for true editing freedom.     

[1] All-Intra (ALL-I)  [2] Long-GOP  [3] Group of Pictures

Image of a woman with a city background
An instant cinematic look with S-Cinetone™

S-Cinetone produces the natural mid-tones essential to healthy-looking skin, plus soft colours and gorgeous highlights. Beautiful cinematic images can be created in-camera, without extra colour grading.

Express your vision with E-mount lenses
A wide variety of lenses to deliver your vision

The FR7 features Sony's E-mount and can be used with high-quality E-mount lenses, including the superlative G Master series, known for its stunning resolution and softly dissolving bokeh. A choice of focal lengths ranging from 12 mm to 1200 mm gives you full creative control.

Product image of E-mount lenses
Exquisite, impressive bokeh

Taking advantage of the camera's full-frame sensor and Sony’s extraordinary line-up of lenses, you can create expressive bokeh effects with a shallow depth of field – an impossibility with other PTZ cameras. Using a prime lens such as an F1.2 lens will help achieve cinematic-style visual effects where the subject stands out from the background dramatically. 

Image through a window with a woman on the phone
The advantages of Sony’s lenses for video shooting 

The best camera deserves the best lenses. Discover four unique advantages in using Sony’s E-mount lenses for video shooting. The combination of Sony's lenses and the FR7 will enhance your video creation experience. 

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Lens support rods

Two lens rods provided below the camera head allow attachment of standard 15 mm rod mountable accessories.

Product image of the FR7, featuring two lens rods
Explore the possibilities with remote PTZ 
Smooth pan, tilt and zoom operation 
Illustration showing the pan/tilt angle
Illustration showing the pan/tilt angle

Capture the scene from any angle

The FR7 incorporates smooth pan, tilt and zoom functionality that can be remotely controlled, or recalled to preset positions. The pan angle range is from -170° to +170°, and the tilt angle range is from -30° to +195° when used in normal upright orientation. 

Image in which a person is controlling the FR7 via the Web App
A full-featured dedicated Web App

With a new dedicated Web App, you can use a tablet or a computer's web browser to pan, tilt, zoom, focus, record, and adjust all camera settings. You can access cameras in hard-to-reach locations with easy setup using each camera’s unique QR code. The Web App uses the same menu format as the FX6 for intuitive operation.

Image in which a person using RM-IP500
High-performance remote controller RM-IP500

The FR7 can be paired with Sony's RM-IP500 remote controller for PTZ cameras, providing precise joystick-controlled pan, tilt and zoom operation. Speed adjustment knobs let you set the speed of pan, tilt, zoom and focus operations suitable for the subject and setting. Zoom can be controlled either via the joystick or a seesaw lever. 

Multi-camera shooting

Expand your creative options

The FR7 supports multi-camera production with just a small staff. It can be mounted on a tripod, on the ceiling, or in limited-access locations so that subjects can be unobtrusively followed and recorded from a range of viewpoints. A single RM-IP500 remote control unit can be used for a setup of up to 100 FR7 cameras (10 groups of 10 cameras)

Illustration showing the GUI of the Web App
Fine-tuned control over camera movement 

Pan and tilt speed can be continuously varied from 0.02 degrees per second to 60 degrees per second, for flexible subject tracking and production scenarios.

Image of two men talking face to face
Up to 100 preset camera positions

The supplied remote controller, dedicated FR7 Web App and RM-IP500 can remember up to 100 camera presets (camera direction, zoom and focus). Presets can be recalled at the touch of a button. 

Image of a smiling man
Clear Image Zoom to refine your angle of view 

The FR7 includes Sony's Clear Image Zoom function, giving you the option to zoom into your subject with minimal image degradation even when using a non-powered zoom lens or prime lens

Image of a woman lying on a bed
Reliable autofocus for remote shooting

For remote setting, the FR7 locks onto fast-moving subjects quickly and tracks them tenaciously even in low light, using 627 selectable phase-detection AF points and the powerful BIONZ XR processor.

[1] Phase-detection AF coverage area

Image of a woman walking away and a woman sitting and looking at her
Real-time Tracking for remote shooting

Concentrate on composition and leave focusing up to the camera. In the FR7’s Web App, Touch Tracking starts autofocus for your chosen subject, complete with Real-time Tracking for professional and efficient production

Image in which Real-time Eye AF is activated
Real-time Eye AF for remote shooting 

Underpinned by the BIONZ XR processor, the FR7 offers reliable AF performance, indispensable for remote shooting. Pinpoint eye focus tracks an eye even when subjects are looking up or down at a steep angle. 

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Electronic Variable ND Filter for smooth remote operation 

Sony's built-in electronic variable ND (neutral density) filter allows exposure control at a distance, for smooth operation in a remote setup. It allows seamless ND adjustment from 1/4 to 1/128 to control exposure remotely, and depth of field can be conveniently controlled while maintaining a consistent exposure.

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Breathing compensation

The FR7 includes a Breathing Compensation function that minimises unwanted changes in angle of view, for better looking focus transitions. With compatible lenses, the angle of view is automatically kept consistent even when focusing, making it possible to achieve smooth and dramatic focusing effects

Product image of the FR7
Tally lights to facilitate multi-camera production

The FR7's red and green tally lights make it easy to identify which camera is currently active (on-air) in a multi-camera setup. A red tally light can identify the on-air camera while a green tally light indicates the preview camera. 

Product image of the supplied remote controler
Supplied infrared remote controller 

The infrared remote controller included with the FR7 controls pan, tilt, zoom and focus (with presets available) as well as recording and playback. 

Product image of the CIB-PCM1
Dedicated ceiling mount bracket CIB-PCM1

The FR7 is compatible with the CIB-PCM1 ceiling mount bracket for easy overhead setup. The "Ceiling" option in the Web App flips the control directions, for natural operation even with the camera mounted upside down. 

Connectivity to match creative workflows 
Outstanding connectivity 

Interfaces and IP transmission methods for a wide range of use cases

The FR7 provides excellent connectivity for video output, IP streaming, and synchronisation with other devices. HDMI video output can be used for real-time monitoring, while SDI video output delivers a RAW signal to an external recording device. Camera control, video and audio transfer, and power supply can be carried out via a single LAN cable.

Connecting to external devices

Easily connect to external devices to provide timecode synchronisation, control tally light signals, and coordinate synchronisation signals in multi-camera setups. 

Product image of the FR7, featuring the  TC IN connector
TC IN connector

Receives timecode from an external device to be used for synchronisation. 

Product image of the FR7, featuring the  "Option" connector
"Option" connector

Connects tally light signals to an external device. 

Product image of the FR7, featuring the  GENLOCK connector
GENLOCK connector

Receives synchronisation signals from an external device for use in multi-camera setups.

Power supply 
Illustration of PoE++
LAN and PoE++ connector

The FR7 can be powered with an external PoE++ (Power over Ethernet Plus Plus) device via a standard network cable (CAT5e or higher), eliminating the need for separate power supply cabling.

[1] Network Switch  [2] FR7  [3] Data  [4] Power

Product image of the FR7, featuring DC IN connector
DC IN connector 

If not using PoE++, the supplied AC adaptor connects to the FR7's "DC IN" connector to power the unit. The cord clamp on the rear panel of the FR7 can be used to prevent the power cable from being accidentally unplugged. 

Logos of the streaming protocols
IP streaming made easy

Support for multiple protocols to meet your streaming needs 

RTSP streaming allows video output from one camera to be simultaneously distributed to up to five viewers. SRT enables high-quality, low-latency video transfer even in unstable network conditions. And NDI|HX connects to NDI compatible devices such as switchers and media servers, supporting efficient live video production using Internet protocols.


1. Recording/tally lamp / 2. POWER lamp / 3. Infrared remote control sensor / 4. NETWORK lamp / 5. Air inlet / 6. LAN (network) connector (RJ-45) / 7. Ground connection / 8. Cord clamper / 9. RESET switch / 10. SETUP switches / 11. Infrared remote control sensor / 12. Fan/air outlet

Sony and the environment 
Image of Road to Zero
A zero environmental footprint is our goal 

Pursuing a sustainable product ecosystem 

Inspired by the beauty of the world, Sony is taking on the challenge of doing our part to help preserve the Earth, to allow creators to produce even more beautiful and creative imagery. With a goal of achieving a zero environmental footprint across the entire Sony Group by the year 2040, we are pursuing numerous initiatives for the environment. 

Specifications & Features

A full-frame image sensor, a broad line-up of interchangeable lenses, and the look and operability of Sony's renowned digital cinema cameras – the FR7 brings outstanding professional performance to the PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) format. With its unique perspective and capabilities, it will change the way visual content is made.
  • The world's first full-frame interchangeable-lens camera with remote pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ)

  • Back-illuminated 35 mm full-frame CMOS image sensor and BIONZ XR™ processing

  • Innovative full-remote control via Web App, or hardware control via RM-IP500

  • Powerful expression from a 15+ stop latitude, plus colour matching with other Cinema Line cameras

  • Up to 100 preset camera positions to be memorised with Web App and optional RM-IP500

Sony is committed not only to offering products, services and content that deliver exciting experiences but also to working towards our goal of a zero environmental footprint throughout our business activities. Learn more about Sony and the Environment