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Home Theatre & Soundbars

Hand holding a smartphone on right with BRAVIA Connect app on screen showing app control of BRAVIA Theatre Quad with BRAVIA Connect logo on left

Sony | BRAVIA Connect

Control your BRAVIA and BRAVIA Theatre from your smartphone with the Sony | BRAVIA Connect app. From simplifying the initial setup to problem solving, it makes it even easier to use our TVs and home theatre products.

Take control from your smartphone

You can set up the app to work both with TV and Home Audio devices. So there's no more searching for the right remote—just do it from your smartphone. Change volume, adjust settings and more.012
Hand holding a smartphone with BRAVIA Connect app on screen showing app control of BRAVIA Theatre Quad

Instruction manual-free setup

Forget about the instruction manual—just follow the animated steps shown by the app to set up. And when you're setting up subsequent devices, the app will automatically share the Wi-Fi information, so you won't need to type a password. The app also lets you optimise the sound field to adapt to the position where you usually sit.012
Three smartphone images side-by-side showing easy device setup using the app

Your home theatre technician

With our app you'll have a free in-home technician. Get technical recommendations, discover useful features, and learn about the latest software updates to make your private theatre even better.01
Top half of smartphone showing the in-app home technician feature
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