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Q.How to apply for a job?
A.Sony conducts fulltime recruiting activities on a regional basis. Please choose a region or country that you are interested in and click on the link to begin your search.
Q.I didn't find an opportunity specific to me, but should I still submit my resume/cover letter?
A.Yes. By completing your profile, your information will be accessible to the recruiting team for the organization you are interested in. As noted, we're always posting new positions, so be sure to visit often.
Q.What's the best way to apply?
A.Just conduct your search, then complete your profile to apply. Again, we encourage you to complete your profile, as it will be accessible to our recruiting team.
Q.How should I prepare prior to submitting my profile?
A.Take a moment to review your resume and cover letter. Check to see that you meet the minimum requirements of the position - education, experience, skill sets etc. Our recruiters will review your information to ensure a match with these requirements. It is best to keep your resume in a simple, direct, fact-statement style that highlights your accomplishments. Your cover letter, however, affords the chance to further detail your qualifications.
Q.How to find internship opportunities?
A.Sony conducts internship program on a regional or a company basis. Please choose a region or a company that you are interested in and click on the link to begin your search.
Q.Where can I find compensation and benefit information?
A.It depends on the position or region and will be discussed during the interview process.
Q.Some of my information has changed. How can I update my profile?
A.You may modify your information at any time. Simply login and edit your profile. If your email address has changed, please login with your old email, then update to the new address.
Q.What if I apply and receive an error message?
A.First of all, we apologize. Chances are our site is undergoing general maintenance. We ask that you visit the site in a few hours and apply again.
Q.After I submit my profile for a specific opportunity, will I be considered for other openings?
A.Yes, as long as you select the box "Accept invitations by email on career opportunities matching this profile." Constant maintenance of your profile ensures that it remains in our database.
Q.What happens after I apply?
A.Our recruiters will review your resume and assess your experiences and skill sets in relation to other candidates. If you qualify, they will forward your profile to the respective hiring manager, and contact you accordingly. Later in the hiring process, we will conduct interviews and a background check.
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