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System Software Engineer for Robotics Platform

Position Summary We are developing the Robotics Platform that supports the development of next-generation products and services that move and act intelligently in the real world.
In addition to the platform development, we are developing a reference system for robots, from hardware to application software, that can be used for various applications such as entertainment, factory and human collaboration.
You can see one application of our platform below.
“ Affinity in Autonomy ” : an exhibition that envisions the relationship between humans and robotics at Milan Design Week 2019.
Check here.
In order to enhance the functions of navigation and manipulation, which are the characteristics of this platform, we are looking for software engineers.
Let's work together to accelerate the development of the Robotics Platform.
Responsibilities You will be responsible for the development of advanced robot software using the latest Robotics development environment in order to strengthen research and development of robots in new fields for the era in which robots will be used as a matter of course in the near future.
Responsible area:
- Autonomous robot system.
- Middleware for navigation and manipulation. (such as perception, recognition, planning and control module.)
- Development environment. (SDK, simulator.)
- Group control of multiple robots.
Required qualifications ●Programming Skills:
- Proficiency in C/C++ is a must.
- Proficiency in python is a must.
- Knowledge of ROS1/ROS2 is highly preferred.
- Knowledge of JavaScript is highly preferred.
●Engineering Skills:
- Project experiences in software developing.
- Experience using common open source libraries and tools is highly preferred.
- Experience with robotics simulation is preferred.
Preferred qualifications Expected to have expertise in "Robotics" / "Computer Science and Engineering" / "Systems and Control Engineering".
Product, Service Robotics products.
Development Environment Linux, Windows.
Essay Required
Coding Test Required
Location Tokyo, Japan
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