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R&D engineer of Music, Acoustics, Speech, and Language technology field

Position Summary We are developing information and signal processing technologies alongside machine learning and artificial intelligence in a variety of fields. Our research has applications in acoustic processing, speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language analysis, spoken understanding language, language generation, and content creation for music, movies, and games. The main task of the successful candidate would be the research and development of advanced algorithms based on methods such as deep learning, statistical models, large-scale data collection and utilization, multilingual extension, embedded software implementation, cloud software implementation, technical evaluation and analysis, and system design. As an R&D engineer, you will work on a specific project to develop fundamental technologies to enhance customer value, aiming to contribute to the variety of business of Sony Group Corporation. In addition academic publications are also encouraged among our research groups.
We are looking for research engineers who are versatile, have leadership, and dare to tackle difficult problems to advance our technological development.
Responsibilities ・Research and development of fundamental technology in our target fields. (Music, Acoustics, Speech, and Language.)
・Problem formulation, hypothesis verification, experiment, simulation, error analysis, data collection, advanced technology research, market research and analysis, etc.
・Software design, architecture design, interface design, implementation, evaluation, and release of technology.
・Project leading to develop innovative technology.
・Report on development plan, development progress and status, deliverables as development results, etc.
・Close cooperation with members of the development team, communication with people in charge of products and services.
Required qualifications ・Master's degree in Computer Science for Music, Acoustics, Speech, and Language, a related technical field or equivalent practical experience.
・Knowledgeable in Python, C/C++, and Linux/Unix. Professional skills in one or more general purpose programming languages.
・5 years of experience in Machine Learning fields, and one of our target domain fields. (Music, Acoustics, Speech, and Language.)
・Collaboration, teamwork and knowledge sharing within the group.
・Research-minded, curious, with a keen interest in new technology development in your field.
・Ability to speak and write in English fluently and idiomatically.
Preferred qualifications ・PhD in Computer Science for Music, Acoustics, Speech, and Language, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.
・Experience with one or more of the following: Music Signal Processing, Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Natural Language Analysis, Language Generation, and Language Understanding/Comprehension.
・Experience applying Machine Learning to practical problems in our target domain. Especially, experience in Deep Generative Model, or Neural Language Model.
・Strong mindset to formulate new problems and create new technologies through scientific solutions.
Product, Service Game(PlayStation®, Smart Phone Application, etc.), Movie/Music(Contents Creation Support), Video Analysis(Broadcast contents, Online Video, etc.), Robot(aibo), Financial Service (Human Operation Support, Data Analysis), etc.
Development Environment ・OS: Windows and Linux.
・Language: Python, C/C++, MATLAB, etc.
・PC, Server, Cloud Computing.
Essay Not Required
Coding Test Not Required
Location Tokyo, Japan
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