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Machine Learning Research Engineer

Position Summary To support the spread of AI/ML, we are developing AI technologies for users who are not experts in AI/ML. In particular, we are developing technologies such as AutoML, XAI, feature generation and model monitoring, in the field of predictive analysis. In addition, the predictive analysis tool we developed, called Prediction One, has a tens of thousands of users in Japan. So we can develop unique technologies based on issues from the users. In order to keep the technology moving forward, we need research engineers who are multi-talented, show leadership and actively address new issues. When you join the company, you will become a member of a team of several research engineers in this field.
Responsibilities * Research and develop in machine learning or its applications.
* Develop solutions or functions for real-world problems.
* Plan and Develop prototype or production-level machine learning software using python or C++/C# and other languages.
* Design experiment to evaluate machine learning algorithms in real world application.
* Become a worldwide high-class engineer after acquiring most advanced technology on machine learning and AI.
* Become a leader or a core member of the team which provides original technologies as a service for inside or outside of the company.
* Collaborating with global Sony group companies, you can create a business value for business unit of electronics, finance, game, entertainment, medical, and so on.
Required qualifications * Master's degree in computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or related fields.
* More than 2 years of experience using deep learning libraries, machine learning libraries, or implementing machine learning algorithms.
* More than 2 years of experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: Java, C++ or Python.
* Ability to speak and write in English fluently.
Preferred qualifications * Advanced degree in computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, econometrics, or a related technical field.
* Publishing research papers to top-tier conferences like NeurIPS, ICLR, ICML, KDD, WSDM, RecSys or similar.
* Experience applying machine learning to real tasks and real data. (not only open data or toy data.)
* Experience in software development. Professional skills in one or more general purpose programming languages.
* Having Kaggle expert/master/grandmaster.
Product, Service Contributing to the Sony Group's businesses, including consumer electronics, finance, and entertainment, by providing machine learning libraries and software developed by us.
Contributing to new businesses based on machine learning. (ex. predictive analytics tool, Prediction One.)
Development Environment OS : Windows/Linux.
Programming: python, C++.
Essay Required
Coding Test Required
Location Tokyo, Japan
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