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System Development Engineer

Position Summary Our department is responsible for developing interactive visual experiences that approach people by applying advanced video display device technologies based on optical, mechanical, cooling, materials, and system technologies. We are developing technologies in a wide range of fields, including immersive large-size display, stereoscopic display technology that enables unaided viewing , and video experience technology for mobility. In addition to video technology, we are also developing system technology to improve the interactive experience by combining sensing technology to acquire information about users and their surroundings.
In development, Project is conducted with engineers in various technical areas while touching on the technologies of various departments in the company. In addition to the development of physical technologies such as HW and SW, you can also learn about the comprehensive development for social issues such as UI development that takes in to account the future needs such inclusive design for accessibility. Because we need to engage in a wide range of activities, including collaboration with business divisions, Group companies, industry associations, and other companies, we are looking for people with a wide range of curiosity and strong action capabilities.
Responsibilities ・Recruit personnel for system architecture development. We develop integrated system such as display, sensing and signal processing included AI processing. We would like you to consider and develop the principle of complex HW/SW system.
・Customer values and social issues are analyzed and discussed from the upstream, and you are invited to participate in the process from drafting the necessary system architecture.
・We have strong ties with business divisions, creative design and customers, and you can collaborate with engineers from a wide range of fields.
・We have strong ties with business divisions, creative design and customers, and we can collaborate with a wide range of engineers from the development side to the design side.
Required qualifications ・Experience in system design. (For example, experience in building systems for HW and SW through your experiments and research.)
・Have at least 2 years of SW experience.
・Experience with using display and sensor equipment is desirable.
・Experience with implementing machine learning is desirable.
Preferred qualifications ・It is desirable to have a strong interest in social issues and a will to challenge them on their own.
・It is desirable to be interested in not only products but also wide system designs such as social systems.
Product, Service ・Display System. (AR/VR/Projection System/ etc.)
・Sensing System. (RGB, Depth sensor, Biological range sensor, Sensor fusion.)
・Automotive Entertainment System Development. (in-Cabin display and human sensing.)
・Integrated System development. (Integration with sensor and display.)
Development Environment ・OS: windows / Linux.
・PC: High end performance PC / Integrated SoC kits.
・Optical and Signal measuring instruments for HW System.
Essay Required
Coding Test Not Required
Location Tokyo, Japan
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