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Machine Learning & Computer Vision, Software Engineer

Position Summary We are developing next generation image recognition algorithms based on machine learning techniques such as Deep Learning.
While recognition of humans, objects and scenes are fundamental research topic in the world, Sony's strength is that our recognition modules are light-weight and running on edge devices. Our image recognition technologies are already implemented in many products/services including aibo, Xperia™, and PlayStation®.
In this job posting, we are looking for researchers who have high expertise in both image recognition and machine learning and can replicate the SOTA algorithms in a short intern period.
Responsibilities Algorithm research and development on image recognition area, mainly human, object and behavior recognition.
- Research of technological trends in the target image recognition areas.
- Survey of state-of-the-art papers, implementation/replication and evaluation of some of the techniques.
- Improvement of the techniques.
- Report the summary of the evaluation and improvement.
Required qualifications ・Computer Vision and Image Recognition research experience.
・Ability to speak and write in English or Japanese.
・Experience in Deep Learning Frame works (Pytorch, TensorFlow, NNabla, Caffe, …).
・Programming experience in python, C, C++.
Preferred qualifications ・The ability to deliver on tight deadlines and adapt to evolving or changing requirements.
・Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English or Japanese.
Product, Service robot(aibo, drone), smart devices (Xperia, smart speaker, smart glass, HMD), digital imaging (alpha-still camera, handy cam), automobile, medical imaging.
Development Environment OS : Linux, Windows, Android.
Programming Languages : Python, C++.
Essay Required
Coding Test Required
Location Tokyo, Japan
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