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Engineer / Researcher in Affective Computing (brain technology, biomedical engineering and signal processing)

Position Summary As a common R&D function for the Sony Group, we conduct hardware and software research on vital sensing and emotion estimation technologies to support all businesses. Our goal is to acquire fundamental technologies that approach the internal state of human beings to enhance User Experience of services and products.
You will get a good R&D experience on development of Vital sensing and Emotion estimation technology based on psychophysiological mechanism.
Responsibilities - Artifact and noise reduction in vital signs. (Adaptive signal processing / Source separation.)
- Sensor fusion on physiological signals by integration of advanced machine learning and psychophysiology for Emotion Estimation. (i.e. explainable DNN architecture in terms of human mechanism, such as neural basis, physiology.)
Required qualifications High programming skill/knowledge on MATLAB or Python.
Specialty and research interest for any of the following items:
- Bio signal processing and artifact removal of sensing data.
- Statistics and machine learning for emotional state recognition.
- Psychophysiology and neuro science.
Preferred qualifications - Willingness to be fluent in English or Japanese.
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
- Software and computer science skills and experience or knowledge of brain science, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, or psychophysiology.
Product, Service All products and services from Sony.
- Entertainment contents creation and evaluation such as Movies, Music and Games.
- Branded hardware such as headphones, earphones, VR systems, wristband, etc.
- Communications, Robotics, and new business domains.
Development Environment Windows and Linux.
MATLAB or python.
Essay Required
Coding Test Not Required
Location Atsugi, Japan
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