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Visual Recognition Computation Systems and Architecture, Research Engineer

Position Summary Products or services in this decade needs to be ‘intelligent’. To be more intelligent, such products or services would need devices to percept its surroundings even better than they do now. In such world, they would be carrying multiple sensors or visual image sensors, to understand the surrounding environments / human beings / obstacles or other information better. For such area Sony owns very strong position on image sensors and Sony also have created Vision processing SoCs.
Our team are working together with both production teams of such future products and core research engineer teams in machine vision domain, from computational systems and architecture point of view.
Responsibilities * Develop low latency / high bandwidth / high performance per watt computation system on edge computers. Also collaboratively work with related team that are responsible for wireless communications and cloud side computation.
* Port Sony's in-house algorithms to build assets on Sony's internal hardware.
* Design and propose software systems, based on required scenarios of future products and services based on Sony's technical assets -- and of course, help to realize them as PoCs or business units.
Required qualifications * Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, a related technical field or equivalent practical experience.
* 5+ years of experience with one or more general purpose programming languages.
* Familiar in working, debugging / trouble shooting in software systems.
* A person who can proactively work with his ideas and who can propose new features with actual implementations.
Preferred qualifications * Master degree in Computer Science.
* Hands on experience on performance optimizations. (CPU, GPU, DSP, memory.)
* Hands on experience of implementing / fixing low-layer bugs. (low layer = operating system Kernel or its driver or compiler.)
* Have good experience of 5+ programming language. (including scripting language.) Best if having assembly language experience.
* Have experience in working in two of: Operating System, Programming language implementation, Robotics SW. (either algorithmic part or operating system.), Visual algorithms, Machine Learning.
Product, Service Robotics, Game(PlayStation®), Entertainment.
Development Environment Mainly Linux PC and Embedded Linux.
Essay Required
Coding Test Not Required
Location Tokyo, Japan
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