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Robotics, Engineer / Researcher

Position Summary Our group conducts fundamental research and development on various types of robots, such as mobile, manipulator and medical robots, to realize intelligent and dexterous robots in a complex dynamic unknown environment. Research topics are broad in robotics and include not only theories and algorithms but also development of robot hardware and software through a collaboration of engineers with various background (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software, control and machine learning). In this job posting, we are looking for researchers who have high expertise in both robotics and machine learning and can develop a novel algorithm combining them for better efficiency, performance, safety and intelligence.
Responsibilities - Research engineer to develop algorithms regarding robotics, such as novel controller, motion control, motion/path/task/view planning and optimization problem, using machine learning.
- Survey, Development includes a construction of theory, integration into the real robot system to test or verification under simulation.
You will conduct a short term research including survey, planning, design, implementation and experiment using real system or simulation. During internship, you will have regular report and discussion with team members and final presentation will be arranged in last of your internship. Research topic related to a specific robot project will be decided through the discussion. We are looking for a person who can take the initiative in this work.
Required qualifications - More than 2 years Experience to deal with not only theory but also real system integration/implementation/testing.
- Expertise in Robotics, Kinematics, Dynamics, Motion Control and Control Theory.
- Skills to apply machine learning to real robot.
- Software skills such as, C, C++, Python.
- Machine learning framework.
Preferred qualifications - Experience to develop robot from scratch.
- R&D experience regarding machine learning for autonomy.
Product, Service We developed entertainment robots such as aibo and QRIO (Small size humanoid robot) in past and we are developing innovative technologies towards future robots in entertainment, mobile, manipulator and medical.
Development Environment Robots developed in-house, Linux, Real-time OS, ROS, simulator.
Essay Required
Coding Test Required
Location Tokyo, Japan
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