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Software project management (about ODM Products). Android software Engineer

Position Summary Headphones and Earphones are now a big part of the Audio Business. Their functions are becoming more and more value-added, such as noise canceling and voice assistant functions.
In order to design such headphones and earphones, our team is working with partner companies to cascade down the technologies cultivated in Sony's internal production to create attractive products that are more affordable for customers.
As for the DMP, we need to succeed the "Walkman" brand and release products that do not disappoint customers, and although there are many challenges in creating products on the Android OS, we need to have the patience to tackle and solve problems one by one.
Since we work on projects together with partner companies, communication skills with others, the ability to solve problems when encountered, and leadership are required. You will be required to be a strong leader and drive the project forward.
Responsibilities ・Work closely with engineering partners and stakeholders to drive organizational alignment.
・Mentor and train other team members on design techniques, and coding standards.
Learn technologies related to noise cancellation and Voice Assistant or Android OS to become an engineer who can work not only in the MDR area but also in the Audio category.
・Be a leader or core member of a team that collaborates with other departments such as marketing, product design, and manufacturing to deliver affordable and attractive products to the world.
Required qualifications ・Experience with general-purpose programming languages such as Java, C/C++, and Python.
Preferred qualifications ・Knowledge and experience in one or more of the following. Bluetooth technology, DSP, Noise Cancelling, Voice Assistant, or similar.
・Experience in project management.
・Experience handling both research and development.
・Experience architecting and developing solutions to ambiguous problems.
Product, Service MDR (Headphone, Earphone).
Digital Media Player.
Development Environment ・OS: Windows and Linux.
Essay Required
Coding Test Not Required
Location Tokyo, Japan
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