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Software Engineer, Embedded programming

Position Summary Automotive business and market have been growing in worldwide, and the newer and higher technologies gather to automotive world. Now automotive is under much more exiting situation ever since. Our software design team conducts new experiences and in-car lifestyle to customers through automotive products, such as Display Audio, Amplifier and brand-new one. And we propose the possibility of MOBILITY through VISION-S.
Our team works with world-wide partner companies, such as United States, Canada, Finland, India, China, Korea and so on, and we need our engineer to be versatile, display leadership qualities and enthusiastic to take on new problem to create new values. You will develop yourself at the same time of developing products and service.
Responsibilities - Make design specification and lead software design and programming with partner companies member.
- Become a worldwide high-class engineer after acquiring most advanced technology on Display Audio products.
- Become a leader or a core member of the team which provides original technologies into the world as a product/service with other departments of marketing, product design, and so on.
- Collaborating with global Sony group companies, you can create a business value as a software designer for business unit of automotive and other audio products.
- Work closely with engineering partners and stakeholders to drive organizational alignment.
Required qualifications - Software programming skills such as, C, C++, Python.
- Ability to speak and write in English.
Preferred qualifications - Experience with one or more of the following: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, iOS/Android OS smartphone application, software architecture, system architecture.
- Experience of User interface design.
- Experience of co-working with foreigner of English language region.
Product, Service Display Audio products for automotive.
Amplifier with digital signal processor for automotive.
Development Environment Windows/Linux.
Essay Required
Coding Test Required
Location Tokyo, Japan
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