The crossroads where your dreams  and technology meet.The crossroads where your dreams  and technology meet.

Sony is a place where a diverse range of businesses and human resources intersect.
We've continuously challenged ourselves to create new value
on a global scale through the creativity and technology nurtured here.
The source of that energy is none other than the dreams and curiosity of each individual employee.
That's precisely why we want your unique individuality the things that make you different from everyone else.
So, here in this place together, let's create a future full of emotion.

This is the recruitment information page for the four companies below.

Sony Group Corporation |
Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
Sony Corporation |
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

A Wide Range of Businesses
and Technologies That Create Emotion

Sony's Purpose is to "Fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology."
Guided by this, we're developing a wide range of businesses, including ET&S, semiconductors and games.
We'll continue to create new emotions by getting closer to the true nature of being human through technology honed by R&D in all our businesses.

* Sony's technology is expanding to encompass a diverse range of businesses, from ET&S, semiconductors, and games to music, movies, and finance.

People and

Group Headquarters Functions and R&D

We'll continue to promote creating value for the Sony Group as a whole by actively promoting R&D,
making strategic investments in a wide range of business areas, maximizing group synergy, and incubating business.

Future Project

New projects and concepts, with a view toward the next age

VISION-S Sony is pushing forward with VISION-S, a mobility initiative aimed at contributing to an advanced automated driving society and bringing about new emotional experiences. Cars equipped with cutting-edge technology including imaging and sensing technology will take both safety and onboard entertainment to completely new levels. We've already completed a prototype that can actually drive.Learn more >

Space Entertainment Project Sony, the University of Tokyo, and JAXA have begun joint development of satellites equipped with Sony camera equipment. We're exploring further possibilities—including creating new collaborations with creators and business partners while aiming to deliver to people space-based images taken by high-performance cameras that can be remotely controlled from the earth.

AI Initiative Sony is making full use of AI to unleash human creativity. For example, by expanding artists' and creators' creativity and helping the lifestyles of people who enjoy entertainment to evolve, Sony's unique ideas and technology produce innovations that no one else can imitate.Learn more >

Sony AI Established in 2020, Sony AI is a new company with bases located globally in Japan, the United States, and Europe. Its mission is to unleash human imagination and creativity through AI. To that end, it aims to accelerate research and development on AI, combine the Sony Group's technology and entertainment assets, and contribute to innovation in all business domains and the creation of new ones.Learn more >

    Application Guidelines / Applying

    Recruitment for New Graduates

    Growth of people,
    The place where people challenge “Sony“

    Sony is a place for growth and challenges for people with unique personalities that are different from anyone else.
    We believe that the company, Sony, and the people who work for it will create a synergy of growth that is centered around "Purpose"
    We defined this as Sony's People Philosophy - Special You, Diverse Sony.
    We believe that when - assuming the company and employees are on an equal footing centered around this "Purpose" - the company and employees face each other with the expectations for and commitment to the choices they made themselves and a sense of tension, then diverse "individuals" will grow and so will Sony - the "place" that accepts "individuals" - in turn in a synergy of growth.

    Helping Everyone Grow by Supporting Them as Individuals

    Systems That Spur People on to New Challenges

    With the keywords "build your own career," Sony offers a wide range of systems that enable people to take the lead in shaping their own careers. Examples include the "internal recruitment system" and the "internal free agent (FA) system."

    Support with Training and Skills Development

    Sony offers a wide variety of development opportunities, ranging from training courses tailored to each role whether they be new employees or seasoned managers to bottom-up, self-directed learning. These increase people's "human skills" and "work skills," and help them achieve steadier growth.

    Initiatives to Promote Diversity

    We help people work in a way that suits them and lead a comfortable life as employees, through support for things like career advancement, life events, and work-life balance. This is provided through systems covering a wide range of aspects, including maternity leave and other welfare benefits, respect for diversity of human resources, and helping women play active roles.

    Offices / Workplaces

    Each Sony office provides a comfortable working environment so that each and every employee can demonstrate their creative abilities.

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