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Vol.4 : The Coat Hanger's Musings

"It's good to see active energy across time"

The Coat Hanger's Musings
The Coat Hanger's Musings

Hello, everyone! How are you? What? Who am I? I am the original Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo coat hanger! And I have been in service since the days Sony was still called TTK! I have seen many, many coats and jackets over the years. And I have seen many, many workplaces over the past 50 years. If companies have ups and downs, so do work places - and I have seen them all: the good and the bad. My current master is someone who works at Sony Archives. And yes, while it is not a bad place to settle down, I am still working full time.

Oh yes - this year was Sony's 60th anniversary. I am happy to be a witness. I've heard the new BRAVIA TV brand is doing well and I can see its success giving the company some active energy. And the new management team's performance recovery seems to be on track. It is good to see active energy boosting the company's spirits. You know I used to work 24 hours when everyone had to wear a uniform? I never had a moment to rest! During the day, I would take care of street clothes and at night, the uniforms. Today, it's rare anyone wears a uniform, so all of us original coat hangers are happy we can rest a little, at last.

Uniforms bring back memories. Back in the day, there were separate models not only for women and men, but also summer and winter versions. I think it was in 1962, we even held a fashion show with models and voted for a design! Ah, what fond memories. The design of Sony's uniforms changed over the years but the last one in 1981 was designed by Issei Miyake himself. I have to confess, I still get excited when I see people wearing it.

Oops, my master is going home. Must get back to work....see you later!

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