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July 19, 2007

Concerning Toshiba's recall for battery packs used in its notebook PCs

Toshiba announced today that, after working with Sony, they have decided to undertake a recall of specific production lots of lithium-ion battery packs which were confirmed to have contributed to recent overheating incidents of Toshiba's notebook PC.

The Toshiba notebook PC battery packs covered by Toshiba's recall contain different Sony-manufactured battery cells from those subject to the global replacement program for certain notebook PC battery packs which Sony initiated last fall.

The battery packs covered by the Toshiba's recall are limited to specific lots which contain cells from one production lot manufactured on a single day in 2005 and shipped solely to Toshiba. Although the cause of the incidents has not yet been identified, we believe there was some type of irregularity in the specific cell production lot, since more than one incident occurred from battery packs containing cells from the same production lot.

We are supporting Toshiba in its recall and will continue to monitor this matter as customer satisfaction and consumer safety is our top priority.

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