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April 28, 2008

Sony to double production capacity of BRAVIA™ LCD TVs To meet growing demand in Europe

Sony Corporation ("Sony") today announced plans to double the annual production capacity of BRAVIA™ LCD TVs in Slovakia, up from two million sets in fiscal year 2007 to four million sets by the end of December 2008. The Slovak factory is set to become Sony's largest producer of LCD TVs worldwide. In accordance with this expansion plan, the number of employees is also planned to increase about 50% from 2,300 to 3,500 by the end of December 2008.

Nitra Technology Center Nitra Technology Center
LCD TV Production Line LCD TV Production Line

Sony first began production of BRAVIA™ LCD TVs in Trnava, Slovakia in April 2006. Upon rapidly reaching full production capacity at the facility with no possibility for further expansion, Sony built 'Nitra Technology Centre' in Nitra, 40km east of Trnava and relocated its production function, in order to meet rapidly increasing demand for LCD TVs in Europe. 'Nitra Technology Centre' started production of BRAVIA™ LCD TVs in August 2007, along with Sony's TV manufacturing facility in Barcelona, Spain.

In fiscal year 2007, annual production capacity of BRAVIA™ LCD TVs manufactured in Slovakia - both in Trnava and Nitra - amounted to two million sets. In order to meet increasing demand for LCD TVs in Europe, Sony doubled production capacity to four million sets by expanding the production capability in the 'Nitra Technology Centre'.

"BRAVIA™ holds the key for further growth of Sony's electronics business," says Ryoji Chubachi, President and Electronics CEO of Sony Corporation. "The expansion of our production capacity in Nitra is a clear sign of our determination to expand our TV business across Europe, the world's largest market for BRAVIA™."

'Nitra Technology Centre' will produce all main BRAVIA™ LCD TV line-ups from high-end to standard, including the latest BRAVIA™ E4000 series with its unique 'picture frame' design, which is initially targeted at the European market.

"Sales of BRAVIA™ are continuing to grow in double-digits in many countries across Europe. It is crucial to strengthen our supply chain from engineering and production to distribution within Europe in order to meet growing demand," says Fujio Nishida, President of Sony Europe. "The expansion in Nitra clearly demonstrates our determination to ensure that BRAVIA's excellent viewing experience is available to all our customers across Europe - East and West," he added.

In order to efficiently manage the distribution of BRAVIA™ LCD TVs in increasing quantities, Sony is building a logistics centre adjacent to the production site at 'Nitra Technology Centre'. With addition of the logistics centre due to start operating this autumn, Sony is positioning 'Nitra Technology Centre' as the main hub for Sony's pan-European TV business covering engineering, production to distribution across Europe.

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