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June 17, 2008

Sony's New "BRAVIA" JE1 Series Digital LCD TVs Achieve Industry's-Highest Energy Efficiency

Realizes Energy Efficiency Rating of 232%, 89W Power Consumption

New Product

English summary of product press release for the Japanese market 

Sony today introduced its new "BRAVIA" JE1 series (KDL-32JE1), featuring the industry's highest level of energy efficiency*1 for 32 inch digital LCD TVs. By enhancing the efficiency of backlight tube light emission and the light transmission of optical film, Sony has achieved industry-leading performance in energy efficiency*2 (232% of Japanese energy conservation standards), annual power consumption*3 (86kWh/year) and momentary power consumption*4 (89W).

Model Name Launch Date Retail Price
Terrestrial Digital/BS/110 Degree CS Digital TV "BRAVIA" JE1 series [KDL-32JE1] (32inch) July 30, 2008 Open price

Sony's current "BRAVIA" KDL-32J1 series is already among the most energy-efficient 32 inch digital LCD TVs on the market. With an energy efficiency rate of 173% (based on Japanese energy-conservation requirements) and power consumption of 115kWh per year, KDL-32J1 has received a five star "Energy Saving Label" - Japan's highest rating for energy efficiency. The KDL-32JE1 further reduces annual power consumption to 86kWh/year while achieving an energy efficiency rate of 232%, significantly exceeding the 164% figure required to receive a five-star "Energy Saving Label" rating. The KDL-32J1 series' industry-leading momentary power consumption has also been significantly reduced from 134W to 89W in the KDL-32JE1.

From the KDL-32JE1 onwards, Sony will also increase its use of flame-retardant plastic materials, recycled by Sony in-house. Furthermore, Sony has also begun recycling waste material from plastic optical film for use as parts in BRAVIA LCD TVs. Sony will continue its efforts to minimize the environmental impact of its TVs products, in terms of both energy efficiency (reducing power consumption during TV use), and resource conservation (reducing the use of new materials in production).

  • *1 As of June 17, 2008. For 32 inch digital LCD TVs sold in Japan
  • *2Indicates the achievement of annual energy efficiency standards defined for each product category according to the "Law concerning the Rational Use of Energy." Based on this law, for 32 inch LCD TVs 200kWh/y represents 100%. A rating of 100% indicates the product meets energy saving standards, while a higher number indicates higher energy efficiency. The figures above have been calculated using 2008 standards.
  • *3Cumulative electricity consumption per year. Figure calculated using an average daily viewing rate of 4.5 hours, as specified in the "Law concerning the Rational Use of Energy" of Japan. The figure is calculated using "standard mode" TV setting.
  • *4 Momentary electricity consumption calculated according to the "Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law" of Japan. The figure is close to the maximum level of electricity consumed during use.

Main Features of "BRAVIA" JE1 series LCD TVs

1. Industry's Highest*1 Energy Efficiency

KDL-32JE1 incorporates fluorescent tubes capable of delivering higher luminance efficiency at lower electric voltage, and uses optical film that possesses a higher light transmission rate. This technology enables KDL-32JE1 to maintain the same brightness as conventional models, while significantly improving energy efficiency. As a result these developments, the KDL-32JE1 realizes the industry's highest energy efficiency*1 in terms of energy efficiency rating, momentary power consumption and cumulative power consumption per year.

Its energy efficiency rating of 232% easily surpasses the164% required to receive a five star "Energy Saving Label" in Japan.

2. Expanding the Use of Recycled Materials

As announced in December 2007, Sony has realized the industry's first practical use of in-house flame-retardant plastic (polystyrene) recycling, reusing plastics from CRT color TVs and polystyrene foam found in packing for product parts. Parts created using this technology were first introduced in nine "BRAVIA" LCD TVs that comprised the F1, V1 and J1 series announced in February, 2008.

With the KDL-32JE1, has Sony also begun recycling waste material generated during the production of optical film used in LCD TVs. Compared with the use of new materials, this enables CO2 emissions that occur during the production process to be reduced by approximately 40%. Through these measures, Sony is increasing its adoption of recycled materials in new LCDs TVs using recyclable materials generated both internally and acquired externally.

3. Continued High Image Quality, Ease-of-use and Outstanding Design

In addition to these environmental features, the KDL-21JE1 also delivers the image quality, ease of use and excellent design that have come to represent the essence of "BRAVIA" LCD TVs, incorporating the same features as the KDL-32J1 announced in February, 2008.

· High Image Quality
KDL-32JE1 is capable of reproducing images optimized for each specific scene, utilizing Sony's proprietary "BRAVIA Engine 2" high quality picture processing technology. KDL-32JE1 also features a "Cinema" mode suitable for viewing movie content, in addition to a "24p True Cinema" feature which reproduces the texture of motion picture images at the same speed (24 frames per second) as film projectors.

· Ease-of-use
KDL-32JE1 comes packaged with Sony's proprietary radio-frequency based remote control, the industry's first remote control to be based on 2.4 GHz wireless communication technology. It also features "BRAVIA Link" functionality, which enables interoperability between "BRAVIA" and other compatible devices when connected using HDMI cables. This enables users to seamlessly enjoy HD content from a variety of devices.

· Outstanding design
KDL-32JE1 features the same refined design as the "BRAVIA" J1 series. The transparent spacing under the LCD panel, and its slim body and stand contribute to the model's lightweight form factor. The KDL-32JE1 comes in two colors (silver and champagne gold), each providing an elegant and subtle finish.

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