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September 8, 2008

Sony to Start License Program "Designed for Walkman(R)" to Expand Walkman(R) Exclusive Accessory Line-up

Sony Corporation today announced that it will launch a new license program, "Designed for Walkman®" and disclose specifications for "WM-PORT", an exclusive multi-terminal for connecting Walkman® with accessories, to approved licensees.

The disclosure of "WM-PORT" specifications will enable various manufacturers to produce exclusive accessories for enjoyment with Walkman® products*1. Furthermore, licensees will be able to feature the "Designed for Walkman®" logo on packaging and other aspects of Sony-approved "WM-PORT" compatible products.

With the launch of this licensing program, Sony is aiming to expand the Walkman® accessory line-up to provide further enjoyment for Walkman® users.

"Designed for
Walkman®" logo

Inquiries from prospective licensees:
"Designed for Walkman®" Committee

  • *1:Models with "WM-PORT"
  • *"WALKMAN" and the "WALKMAN" logo are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.
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