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November 22, 2010

Regarding Transfer of Sony's Commercial Digital Photo Business to Dai Nippon Printing

Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd.
Sony Corporation

Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. (hereafter referred to as DNP) and Sony Corporation (hereafter referred to as Sony) have concluded an agreement in which Sony's professional digital photo printer business (excluding the manufacture of printers) shall be transferred to DNP, and announced today the official execution of the business transfer agreement between the two parties. Accompanying the concerned agreement, DNP will establish a working framework in which dye-sublimation print media* is supplied without interruption throughout the business transfer proceedings to the instant photo printing kiosk and printers for ID photography currently installed by Sony.

Additionally, Sony will continue to maintain its medical-purpose professional printing business.

In the event that the concerned business transfer is subject to receipt of necessary approvals by the regulatory authorities of related governments in countries where the concerned business has a physical presence, and subject to appropriate country consultation with employees, the agreement shall be executed on the condition that such approval is granted. Execution of the transfer of business assets is scheduled for April 1, 2011.

The outline of the agreement is as follows:

1. Outline of the Agreement

Sony shall transfer all of its active business accounts from throughout the world, with regard to its professional digital photo printer business, to DNP. The transfer of a portion of Sony's employees involved in the aforementioned business to DNP is also planned to accompany the agreement.

2. Purpose of Concerned Business Transfer

DNP commenced the manufacture of Dye-Sublimation Print Media* in the latter half of the 1980's. It currently supplies this print media for the printing of digital images taken by digital cameras and mobile phones with built-in cameras to professional printers used in photo stores and large retailers throughout the world, in addition to consumer printers.

The dry-printing method in which the photo printing of digital images is processed without the use of liquid developers as in dye-sublimation printing, has become increasingly prevalent, and the introduction of new applications such as photo books has expanded the means by which consumers can enjoy printing images. Following the conclusion of the agreement, DNP shall be able to succeed Sony's global customer base, thus enhancing efforts to strengthen and expand the company's digital photo printing business in this growing market.

While Sony has operated its professional digital photo printer business, employing the thermal transfer dye-sublimation method, for instant photo printing and photo IDs since 2001, it has decided to concentrate its efforts on select businesses that will enable it to further enhance the future competitiveness of its professional solutions business.

With regard to its professional printer business, the company shall now specialize in the medical-purpose segment, and continue efforts to strengthen the business.

  • * Dye-Sublimation Print Media
    Media that is used for the printing of photographs such as digital images using the thermal-transfer printing method. It is composed of a transparent overcoat layer on a 3-color ink ribbon including yellow, magenta and cyan, and specialized receiver paper. The transfer of dye according to image density allows for smooth gradation, enabling the recreation of high-quality images. The media also allows for high-speed printing, and its extended durability has expanded its use as printing media for images taken by digital cameras mainly in such devices as household photo printers, kiosk devices and photo IDs.
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