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October 27, 2015

Sony Global Education Develops New, Constantly Evolving "STEM101" Curriculum, to Be Launched as New Educational Service

    Tokyo, Japan - Sony Global Education, Inc. announces that it has developed a new curriculum, called "STEM101," that it aims to offer worldwide as an innovative way to teach STEM* subject matter in primary schools. As indicated by the "101" in its name, this curriculum is designed as an introduction to STEM, nurturing analytical skills and creative thinking. Through STEM101, primary school students will be able to assimilate the fundamentals and prepare themselves for more rigorous STEM studies in secondary education and beyond. The curriculum promises to stimulate children's intellectual curiosity through new forms and styles of learning, and it provides the opportunity to learn about living as a member of society through different program types that offer various hands-on experiences. Sony Global Education aims to offer STEM101-based educational services from spring of 2016.

    • *Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

    STEM101 comprises three program elements: "Think", "Make," and "Feel." It is distinct from other curricula in its rearrangement of conventional academic subject divisions and in its wide applicability, as it is not broken down by school grade.

    • Think: Focused on arithmetic and mathematics; cultivates number sense, logical thinking, and spatial recognition
    • Make: Focused on engineering and technology; teaches creation skills, from robots to programming
    • Feel: Focused on the sciences; enables students to confront the unknown and to make discoveries through hands-on activities and labs

    Sony Global Education has engineered STEM101 as an open curriculum, in the sense that education partners from around the globe will be encouraged to take an active role in molding it, contributing and incorporating their expertise. Each of the above programs will be updated regularly in order to reflect changes in society as well as advances in education and technology. STEM101 is thus an altogether new, ever-evolving course of study. Sony Global Education is targeting a global expansion for the curriculum, engaging with governments and education professionals both in and outside of Japan.

    As rapid changes in technology and the climate give rise to an increasingly complicated modern society, more and more problems are turning into truly global issues. These problems demand solutions, and knowledge alone is not sufficient to address them. Rather, the ability to utilize one's knowledge to work through a problem and arrive at a solution is what is key, perhaps more so than ever. As such, the nurturing of individuals who possess greater creative thinking prowess, decision-making aptitude, and power of expression is of paramount importance in the classroom. The STEM fields of study are critical in the development of these abilities and skill sets, and Sony Global Education will actively promote its STEM101 curriculum as a tool for opening children's minds and infusing them with a level of receptivity to the surrounding world, reasoning skills, and problem solving competency that are highly sought in the 21st century.

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