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May 23, 2016

Sony Group to Provide Additional Support for Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Efforts

Transitioning from Emergency Relief Measures to Focus on Mid-to-Long Term Recovery "For the Next Generation"

(Tokyo, May 23, 2016) Sony Corporation ("Sony") extends its deepest sympathies to all those affected by the earthquakes in Kumamoto.

On April 15, the day after the initial earthquake struck the Kumamoto region, Sony announced a series of emergency support measures including a financial donation and provision of Sony products such as radios, as well as a matching gifts program that would match contributions from Sony Group employees worldwide. These initiatives were expected to raise a total contribution equivalent to 30 million yen (approximately $275,000), however additional donations and support programs, together with employee-driven fund-raising activities across the Sony Group have resulted in a total contribution of approximately 100 million yen (approximately $900,000) to date.

This figure includes the value of donations previously announced by Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd., the "So-net Points" donation and matching gift program announced by So-net Corporation, and the value of more than approximately 2,000 radios donated by Sony Corporation, significantly more than was previously announced.

Employee donations alone, from Sony Group employees in Japan and around the world, have exceeded 30 million yen.

In addition to focusing on urgent recovery measures, under its "For the Next Generation" approach to community engagement, Sony will offer its support for mid-to-long term recovery measures taking into account the overall recovery status and specific local needs, in order to create a society that can inspire hope among children within the affected regions. The additional contribution Sony will make by matching employee donations through its matching gift program is expected to be used towards these mid-to-long term recovery measures.

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