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August 27, 2021

Sony Publishes "Corporate Report 2021"

    Tokyo, Japan - Sony Group Corporation ("Sony") has published "Corporate Report 2021," which comprehensively covers both financial and non-financial information about the company. The report has been made publicly available through Sony's Investor Relations (IR) website beginning today.

    Based on Sony's Purpose to "fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology," Sony conducts its businesses from a long-term perspective centered on "Kando" (emotion) and "People," who are the subjects of those emotional experiences.
    In April 2021, Sony transitioned to a new group organizational structure with the aim of supporting the further Group-wide growth and development. Taking advantage of diverse businesses and human resources, Sony is working to increase the value of the entire Group. In addition, to further strengthen the foundation for value creation, each of the six major business segments has identified its own materiality items and is promoting related initiatives.
    This report details the progress of corporate strategies and initiatives for value creation from a long-term perspective based on Sony's Purpose, in line with the continued dialogues that Sony maintains with various stakeholders.

    Corporate Report 2021

    Main Features of Corporate Report 2021

    • Value Creation at Sony
      • Through messages from the CEO and CFO, presents the medium- to long-term strategy for the Sony Group based on the results of the previous mid-range plans and awareness of issues.
      • Clarifies of the value created by the entire Group through the utilization of technology and diverse human resources and businesses under the new group organizational structure.
      • In addition to messages from the CTO and the Officer in charge of Human Resources regarding "technology" and "employees," Sony's two most important materialities (important issues), includes the thoughts of the heads of each business regarding synergy creation, technology, and human resources in a question-and-answer format.
    • Foundation for Creating Value
      • In addition to the list of materiality items, presents an overall picture of the goals, roadmap and direction of initiatives related to climate change as a major focus item. Details the key indicators (non-financial indicators) related to the foundation for value creation.
    • Value Creation in each Business
      • Analyzes the market position and strengths of each business, awareness of the business environment, and important items in the foundation of value creation, and clarifies the direction of the strategy for value creation.
    • Corporate Governance
      • In addition to a skill matrix that lists the experience and expertise of outside directors and non-executive directors, shares messages from the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the chair of each committee, and the Director in charge of Information Security.

    Through this report, Sony aims to deepen the understanding of various stakeholders, including investors, about Sony's long-term management efforts and lead to further dialogue, so as to further enhance the long-term corporate value of the company. For more information on Sony's activities on sustainability and social responsibility, which are the basis of value creation, please see the Sustainability Report 2021, also published today.

    Corporate Report 2021 Overview

    • Sony’s Purpose & Values
    • Message from the CEO
    • Value Creation at Sony
      • Keywords for Value Creation at Sony
      • Value Creation Model
      • Value Creation
      • Special Feature: Value Creation under New Group Organizational Structure
      • Sony's Business and Performance Trends
      • Message from the CFO
    • Businesses and Foundation for Creating Value
      • Foundation for Creating Value
      • Creating Value in Each Business
      • Game & Network Services
      • Music
      • Pictures
      • Electronics Products & Solutions
      • Imaging & Sensing Solutions
      • Financial Services
    • Corporate Governance
    • Group Information


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