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May 13, 1997

Sony Announces Development of
'Digital Reality Creation' Technology

Creates a super-real 4x resolution picture from a standard television signal

Tokyo, Japan - Sony Corporation today announced the development of "Digital Reality Creation" technology which creates a super-real 4x picture resolution using a standard television signal as the base. With this technology, viewers can enjoy very high resolution picture quality from conventional television broadcasting programs or video software. Digital Reality Creation technology employs an originally developed digital signal processing algorithm, whereby a super-real 4x picture resolution (1050 vertical interlace scanning lines / 1440 horizontal pixels) is created from a standard television signal (525 vertical interlace scanning lines / 720 horizontal pixels).

Digital Reality Creation technology makes possible a more accurate and dynamic rendition of objects. The new technology allows viewers to enjoy a picture quality very similar to that of the actual image, even when viewing video from a standard television signal source. Until now, this level of picture quality could not be achieved unless the original signal source itself was a high resolution signal.

This newly developed technology is based on a concept entirely different from the motion adaptive linear interpolation method conventionally used to increase the density of images. The conventional method uses linear interpolation processing based on the filtering theory to quadruple the picture density. However, Digital Reality Creation is a unique digital processing method technology that maps out a high resolution signal directly from a standard television signal, resulting in a vast improvement in picture quality. Also, the new system displays moving pictures naturally and smoothly for an even more realistic picture.

In addition to standard television broadcasting, Sony considers this a promising technology for application in such areas as DVD and digital video, which are expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

Wega series consumer-use high definition television KW-32HDF9
KW-32HDF9, a consumer-use high definition television Sony announced today as part of its new Wega series of televisions for the Japanese market, is the first product to use Digital Reality Creation technology. (Price: 480,000 yen / Introduction: July 5, 1997)