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June 3, 1997

Sony Introduces VAIO Series PCs
Leading-edge multimedia desktop and notebook PCs for the home


Sony Corporation today announced the introduction of its VAIO* series of personal computers for the Japanese market. In July 1997, Sony will begin sales of a mini-tower personal computer, [PCV-T700MR], and two notebook computers, [PCG-707] and [PCG-705].

Model numberIntroduction datePrice (w/out tax)Monthly production capacity
Mini-tower PC
(266 MHz Pentium®II processor)
July 15Open1,000 units
Notebook PC
(166 MHz Pentium® processor
with MMXTM technology)
July 1Open3,000 units
Notebook PC
(150 MHz Pentium® processor
with MMXTM technology)
Network Docking Station
July 185,000 yenn/a
Personal Docking Station
55,000 yen
* VAIO stands for Video Audio Integrated Operation. The VAIO logo is a graphical interpretation of the convergence of the analog and digital worlds (from the analog sine wave to the digital 101010).

The Sony VAIO mini-tower PC, with a built-in CD-R drive and television-tuner-equipped MPEG1 real time encoder board, makes video editing and television recording easy for maximum visual creativity. For example, VAIO mini-tower PC users can edit footage from an 8mm video camera, record a television program or create their own original Video CDs. The VAIO mini-tower PC boasts Intel's Pentium® II 266 MHz processor, Microsoft's Windows® 95 and a 4.3 GB large-capacity hard disc drive. It also comes with a 17-inch Trinitron monitor [CPD-220VS] to provide high-resolution visual and dynamic audio quality.

The VAIO notebook PCs feature Intel's Pentium® processor with MMXTM technology (PCG-707 comes with a 166 MHz processor and PCG-705 comes with a 150 MHz processor) and Microsoft's Windows® 95. These lightweight, compact notebook PCs are only 37.6 mm thick and weigh 2.4 kg (with one battery and no floppy disc or CD-ROM drive) for great portability. Both come with a lithium-ion battery that lasts up to three hours. When combined with a separately sold lithium-ion battery pack [PCGA-BP7] (30,000 yen, not including tax), the notebook PC can be used for up to six continuous hours. The notebook PCs also come with an IrDA port (Version 1.1) for wireless, high-speed infrared transmission with various digital products, such as Sony's Cyber-shot digital still camera and IrDA-equipped personal computers.

Each of the notebook PCs can be connected to separately sold docking stations, [PCGA-DB7] and [PCGA-DH7], to enhance versatility. Because the stations have IEEE 1394 DV jacks, users need only a single cable to connect their PCs with DV jack-equipped Digital Handycam video cameras. Footage is captured as still images and is directly transmitted as data to the PC. The PCGA-DB7 has a network board (10BASE-T) and SCSI2 connector for easy construction of networks.

Sony's VAIO series of PCs come with a variety of software to enhance user enjoyment, many developed by Sony exclusively for the VAIO series, including:

·Slipclip (comes with PCV-T700MR only) to create original Video CDs and record TV programs
·PictureGear for high-speed searches and the maintenance of large volumes of still image data in FlashPixTM format
·Navin' You digital map viewer software
·Media Bar for easy operation of a diverse range of media, such as Video CDs, audio CDs and other media, as MIDI or AVI files
·Community Place Browser, a 3D virtual reality VRML version 2.0 Internet browser
·So-net Online Signup to sign up online to the Japanese Internet service provider, So-net
·Roboword®, Japanese/English Internet search software

More than 30 other software titles, including Internet-related software and visual and audio related software, are also bundled with Sony's PCs.

Major features

·Slipclip software and an MPEG1 real-time encoder board for easy creation of original Video CDs, video editing, or television recording
·8x speed read and 2x speed write CD-R drive
·High-speed 266 MHz Pentium® II processor
·High-resolution 17-inch Trinitron color monitor, CPD-220VS
·PictureGear software for easy access and maintenance of large volumes of still image data in FlashPixTM format
·Navin' You digital map viewer software
·Media Bar audio & visual player software for enjoyment of diverse media, such as Video CDs, audio CDs, and other AV files
·Community Place Browser for 3D virtual reality Internet browsing (VRML version 2.0)
·Adobe® PhotoDeluxeTM 1.0J , to graphically alter images accessed from PictureGear
·Adobe® PageMillTM 2.0J
·ATI 3D RAGETM II 3D graphics accelerator
·Large-capacity 4.3 GB HDD and 32 MB (maximum 128 MB) EDO memory
·Video input/output jacks
·High-speed 33.6 Kbps V.34 DSVD/DATA/FAX modem (14.4 Kbps at fax mode)

PCG-707 and PCG-705
·Easy connectivity with digital video, digital still camera equipment to facilitate image altering
·Compact, lightweight design (37.6 mm thick and 2.4 kg, with one battery and no floppy disc or CD-ROM drive)
·Maximum six hour battery life
·Can be connected with separately available docking stations PCGA-DB7 or PCGA-DH7
·Pentium® processor with MMXTM technology for high-speed multimedia processing capabilities
·High-resolution, high-clarity color TFT LCD
·Removable 14.5x speed CD-ROM drive
·High-speed 33.6 kbps voice fax modem
·Video input/output jacks and switchable resolution modes
·PictureGear software for easy access and maintenance of large volumes of still image data in FlashPixTM format
·Adobe® PhotoDeluxeTM 1.0J, to graphically alter images accessed from PictureGear
·Navin' You digital map viewer software

Main specifications

ProcessorPentium® II processor
(266 MHz) with 512 KB L2 cache
Pentium® processor with
MMXTM technology
(PCG-707: 166 MHz)
(PCG-705: 150 MHz)
Internal cache: 32 KB
L2 cacheIncluded in processor256 KB (pipeline burst SRAM)
Main memory
(standard / maximum)
32 MB / 128 MB (EDO)PCG-707:
32 MB / 128 MB (SDRAM)
16 MB / 128 MB (SDRAM)
Expanded memory
slot (number of slots)
72 pin SIMM x 4 (2)SODIMM slot x 2 (1)
Video memory4 MB (SGRAM)2 MB
Floppy disk drive3.5 inch
(1.44 MB/1.2 MB/720 KB)
FDD x 1
3.5 inch
(1.44 MB / 1.2 MB /720 KB)
FDD x 1,
Hard disk4.3 GB 2.1 GB
CD-R drive8x speed read
2x speed write
CD-ROM driveMax. 14.5x speed
(average 12x speed)
12/8 cm tray, removable
Expansion slot
(number of slots)
PCI x 3(1)
PCI/ISA x 1(1) ISA x 2(1)
Display17-inch Trinitron
monitor (0.25 AG pitch,
multiscan CRT) with
stereo speaker, woofer,
USB pass-through
PCG-707: 12.1 inch XGA
TFT color LCD
PCG-705: 12.1 inch SVGA
TFT color LCD
Dimensions (WxLxH)225 x 451.5 x 367.9 mm297 x 236.5 x 37.6 mm
(38.8 mm at thickest point)