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The press releases on this website are provided for historical reference purposes only. Please note that certain information may have changed since the date of release.

May 7, 1998

Sony Announces Executive-Level Changes in Management

Tokyo, Japan - Sony Corporation today announced the following executive-level changes in management:

1) President Nobuyuki Idei will become Co-Chief Executive Officer (Co-CEO), effective immediately.

In his role as Co-CEO, President Idei will share with Chairman and CEO Norio Ohga the responsibility for overseeing the management operations of both Sony Corporation and the entire Sony Group as well.

2) Sony has introduced a new group management system effective May 1, 1998. The new system replaces the special corporate executive officer positions that were created for top management of major subsidiaries and affiliated companies last June with new group executive officer positions.

The criteria used in appointing the executives from subsidiaries and affiliated companies to new group executive officers will be the same as that used to appoint corporate executive officers. Appointments will be made based on the capabilities and performance of the candidates rather than the rank they hold in their respective companies.

The above change has been implemented as part of an on-going effort to optimize the management effectiveness of Sony Group operations worldwide.
Sony Group Executive Officers ( effective May 1, 1998 )
NameCompany Title / Company Name
Ken Iwakipresident, Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
Junichi Koderapresident and representative director, Sony
Marketing (Japan), Inc.
Yoshio Ishigakipresident, Aiwa Co., Ltd.
Shugo Matsuochairman, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan),Inc.
Sumio Sanopresident, Sony Precision Technology Inc.
Teruaki Aokipresident and COO, Sony Electronics Inc.
Motoyasu Kanasugipresident, Sony Finance International Inc.
Shigeo Maruyamapresident, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan),Inc.
Toshiyuki Yamadamember of the board of trustees, Sony Institute
of Higher Education
Masahiro Hayashiexecutive deputy president and representative
director, Sony Marketing (Japan), Inc.
Toshiharu Sawadasenior managing director, Sony Marketing(Japan), Inc.
Masao Moritacounsellor, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan),Inc.
Teruhisa Tokunakapresident, Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.
Ken Kutaragiexecutive deputy president, Sony Computer
Entertainment, Inc.
Jakob J. Schmucklichairman and CEO, Sony Europe
Howard Stringerpresident and COO, Sony Corporation of America
Thomas D. Mottolapresident and CEO, Sony Music Entertainment,Inc.
John Calleypresident and CEO, Sony Pictures
Entertainment, Inc.
to be named Group Executive Officer effective June 26, 1998:
Teruo Masakideputy president, Sony Corporation of America

3) New member for Board of directors ( effective June 26, 1998 )
Akiyoshi Kawashimacorporate senior vice president and president,
Recording Media & Energy Company, Sony

4) Resigning director
Tsunao Hashimoto, vice chairman and representative director, Sony Corporation, will resign from the board of directors, effective June 26, 1998. Mr. Hashimoto will assume the role of advisor, Sony Corporation, as of June 26, and will be named chairman and representative director of Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. in early July, 1998.

5) New corporate executive officers
At the Board of Directors meeting immediately following the Ordinary General Shareholders' meeting held on June 26, 1998, the following individuals will be elected as corporate executive officers, in addition to their current positions below:

Mitsuyuki Watanabepresident, Electronic Devices Marketing Group,
Sony Corporation
Tadakatsu Hasebedeputy president, Display Company, Sony Corporation
Kenichiro Yonezawasenior general manager, Legal and Intellectual
Property Division, Sony Corporation
Yoshihide Nakamurapresident, Computer Peripherals &
Components Company, Sony Corporation
Akira Kubotapresident, Corporate Information Systems &
Solutions, Sony Corporation