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July 15, 1998

U.S. Students Arrive in Japan
to Participate in Sony Student Project Abroad

Tokyo, Japan - Fifty of the nation's most talented high school students, chosen by United States Senators and U.S.-based Sony Electronics, arrived in Tokyo on Monday to take part in this year's Sony Student Project Abroad (SSPA).

The SSPA program, sponsored jointly by Sony Electronics and Sony Corporation, is designed to give high school juniors and seniors a first-hand opportunity to learn about Japan, its technology, culture and history. Prior to coming to Japan this year, the students toured a number of Sony facilities in the U.S. Their ten-day schedule in Japan includes visits to Sony Corporation and the Sony Atsugi Technology Center, as well as a visit to a Japanese high school. The students will also tour historical and cultural sites and live with Sony employees' families for several days during their stay in Japan.

The SSPA began in 1990 to celebrate Sony Corporation of America's thirtieth birthday. Since then, 400 high school students have taken part in this program. While encouraging the pursuit of study in science and math, SSPA also strives to foster a deeper understanding of Japan among American youth, and to provide American teenagers with an opportunity to share their ideas and opinions with the Japanese people they meet during the trip.

Commenting on the SSPA program, Kiyoshi Yamakawa, Sony Corporation Corporate Executive Vice President, who oversees Corporate External Affairs at Sony Corporation, said, "We are once again very excited and proud to be hosting American high school students. This is the ninth year that we co-sponsor the SSPA with Sony in the U.S., and every year we continue to meet a group of young adults who are interested to expand their boundaries on a global scale. Sony is committed to promoting mutual understanding and respect across cultures. SSPA is one way for us to exercise our commitment."