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Press Release

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February 2, 2001

Sony's Revised Environmental Action Plan
Green Management 2005

Setting Intermediate Targets toward "Double Eco-efficiency by 2010"

Sony Corporation has established a revised group environmental action plan, "Green Management 2005" for the period from April 2001 through March 2006. This is the successor to "Green Management 2002" which posited the creation of a sustainable socio-economic framework.

The document describes action programs with numerical targets to achieve "1.5 times eco-efficiency by 2005", which is an intermediate target toward "double eco-efficiency by 2010". This ultimate target was set in Sony's environmental vision announced in October 2000.

Specifically it determines targets and programs for Sony group employees to incorporate environmental perspectives into their own job assignments in areas ranging from R&D, procurement, product design, site and production management through to marketing, distribution, repair service, and customer service.

The targets consist of environmental performance indices (EPI) which indicate direct environmental impact derived from business activities and environmental management indices (EMI) which indicate support for the realization of EPI targets.For EPI, Sony defines broad eco efficiency parameters such as the CO2 index and the resource index, as well as individual targets such as energy saving and resource saving, broken down for respective sites and products.Regarding EMI, targets are defined for the following items; 1)environmental management systems, 2) research and development,3)environmental accounting, and 4) environmental relations and communications.

Issued in 1998, Green Management 2002 has achieved significant results.Sony has succeeded in obtaining ISO14001 certification at all manufacturing sites, achievement of zero waste emission*1 at seventeen sites, introduction of products with lead-free solder and halogen-free printed wiring boards, reduction and replacement of packaging materials etc.
*1 Sony's criteria: Reduction or recycling of 95% or more waste generated (against fiscal 2000 figures)

Green Management 2005 sets more aggressive targets. For energy-saving the following targets have been set: 30% power consumption reduction and 0.1 watt stand-by power consumption for products, 15% decreased CO2 emission at business sites( against figures for fiscal 2000, per sales unit), and introduction of 5% or more use of renewable energy.

With regard to resources, the following targets have been announced:
  • Replace all packaging materials with environmentally sensitive materials e.g. recycled)
  • 20% reduction of product weight or number of parts
  • 20% increase of recycled materials used by product weight
  • 30% reduction of total wastes generation at business sites.
    ( Targets for fiscal 2005 against figures for fiscal 2000)

Sony will also expand activities for water saving, and reduction of CO2 emissions generated by logistics activities.

Progress towards the targets is reflected in the business evaluation of Sony Network Companies in order to achieve the intermediate target of "1.5 times eco-efficiency by 2005" and the ultimate goal of "double eco-efficiency by 2010."