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Press Release

The press releases on this website are provided for historical reference purposes only. Please note that certain information may have changed since the date of release.
February 7, 2001

Technical Principles of the Organic Electroluminescence (OEL) Display

OEL device and the light emission principle
Organic EL substrate is characterized by its simple physical structure where the organic film is sandwiched between a cathode and an anode.When direct electric current is run through this device, the cathode releases an electron and the anode releases a hole* into the organic film.Within the organic film, the electron and the hole recombinate, thereby releasing energy that excites the organic material.This excitation emits light in the color which is characterized by the organic material. In order for the light to emit outward, either the cathode or the anode must be made transparent or translucent.
*hole:vacancy of an electron that behaves like a positive particle

Characteristics of the OEL Display
1)Self-Luminous: No need for a backlight which leads to extremely thin and lightweight displays.
2)Wide viewing Angle, highly luminant and high contrast ratio: Suitable for a display system that can act as a connecting interface between the user and the contents.
3)Quick Response: Compared to LCD, response time is extremely quick (a few micro seconds) which makes it highly appropriate for displaying moving pictures.