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March 22, 2001

Sony Develops 3D Sound Middleware "S-FORCE 3D Sound Library" for "PlayStation®2"*1 Titles

Reproduction of Three Dimensional Sound through 2-Channel Speakers

(Tokyo, Japan) - Sony Corporation today announced the development of middleware for PlayStation®2 titles named "S-FORCE 3D Sound Library" that can reproduce the dynamic sound by simply connecting the L/R 2-channel audio AV output on PlayStation 2 to a stereo television or stereo active speakers.

In recent years, improvements in 3D (CG) processing technologies for characters, objects, etc. have enabled computer game images to become more vivid and three-dimensional. Along with the improvements in picture quality, the demand for more realistic sound production has also grown.

Virtual sound technologies*2 realized by Sony through developments of various audio devices are adapted into the "S-FORCE 3D Sound Library" middleware. By simply playing back a game title with this middleware on a PlayStation 2, three-dimensional sound image movement and positions that vividly portrait the movements of a character can be reproduced through 2-channel front speakers such as stereo televisions. With capability of reproducing the three-dimensional sound as if the speaker was just beside or behind, this middleware generates a potential for new game entertainment with more realistic representation and dynamic story development in unification of sound and graphics.

Sony plans to supply the 3D sound middleware "S-FORCE 3D Sound Library" to game developers/publishers*3 from April 2001.

In autumn 2001, KONAMI CORPORATION plans to release the PlayStation 2 title, "Silent Hill 2" produced by KCE Tokyo, Inc., featuring this middleware for the first time. They are currently planning to showcase this new title at the Tokyo Game Show 2001 Spring starting from March 30th, 2001.

*1 "PlayStation" is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

*2 "Virtual original technology" is a technology developed by Sony; it performs recognition analysis of sound direction on the basis of extensive acoustic data including Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) for over 10,000 points. It can produce a three-dimensional sound that is difficult to produce by conventional methods.

*3 Customers are limited to game developers/publishers who have signed the license agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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