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Press Release

The press releases on this website are provided for historical reference purposes only. Please note that certain information may have changed since the date of release.
May 28, 2001

Memory Stick Supporting Companies Gather at Memory Stick Partners' Forum

Monday, May 28th 2001, Shinagawa, Tokyo - "Memory Stick" IC recording media supporting companies today gathered together at the Memory Stick Partners' Forum. The participants included hardware manufacturers, software developers, service providers, content holders, and component makers (number of Memory Stick supporting companies: 157 total as of May 25th, 2001.) The objective of this forum was to exchange the latest information on Memory Stick technology in order to further promote the vision of positive and easy linkage, and this was the first time to hold the forum.

At the forum, the supporting companies shared their current Memory Stick business situations, Memory Stick road maps, promotion plans and the relevant technological information such as new application formats, various solutions and compatibility verification, etc. Forty-one of the supporting companies exhibited their Memory Stick compliant products. In addition, a new application tentatively named "Memory Stick ROM" which will further expand the Memory Stick networking world was also introduced at the forum. The Memory Stick ROM was designed as package media for music and image contents and other data. By adopting the mask ROM process, it is possible to commercialize "Memory Stick ROM" at a lower cost. The Memory Stick ROM is planned for introduction into the market within year 2001.

Since its market introduction in September 1998, Memory Stick has evolved from a storage media for recording picture images and/or computer data to a networking media that responds to network services such as Internet, telecommunication and multimedia Kiosks, etc. Cumulative shipments of Memory Stick worldwide at the end of March 2001 are over 10 million, and worldwide cumulative shipments of Memory Stick compliant products are expected to reach 10 million units by the end of May 2001.

The companies that support Memory Stick aim to strengthen their relationship in order to further develop and promote Memory Stick as a platform to link people and a wide range of contents in the coming broadband era.