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Press Release

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June 5, 2001

Creating a New World of Personal Printing

- Entertainment by Printing, Anywhere, Anytime, for Anyone -

Tokyo, Japan: Sony today announced plans to offer an exciting new printing environment for consumer print users based on superior hardware, easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface) and proprietary software that allows anyone to enjoy printing a variety of contents such as digital camera images anytime, anywhere.
Sony plans to develop a new type of printing market with a global business strategy under the logo "Print by Sony-anytime, anywhere, for anyone-"and a new concept of personal printing,.

Logo of Print by Sony
Print by Sony = a new printing environment that offers anyone the ability to enjoy printing anytime, anywhere.
The concept - [A New World of Personal Printing]

In recent years, ordinary consumers have increasingly adopted digital devices while at the same time personal computers (PC) and the Internet have become common in many homes. It has become possible to create and edit images captured on digital still or digital video cameras, using a PC to make composite images and the Internet to distribute and share these images for personal enjoyment.

Against this background, Sony wants to change the concept of printing that has existed until now to offer new printer solutions through improved operational functions and network services.

The consumer printers announced today offer a CD-R/RW drive and touch panel LCD monitor making it possible to record image data onto CD-R/RW without a PC and view images without a television or monitor. With easy to use composite image and editing functions users can customize images to make personalized calendars etc. making home print entertainment a reality.

In addition, the new print system for retail locations offers a Sony designed GUI for simple operation and a compact design that enables regular stores to easily offer digital DPE services. Perfect for installation in discount stores, mini-photo labs and other locations where people gather such as tourist locations and party spaces thus creating an environment for simple digital printing anytime, anywhere for anyone. In the future Sony plans to upgrade the system with Internet-connectability so users can directly upload images to the Web for storage and download images to a printer as [Visual Communication] services

By developing strong hardware products, Sony wants to make the [Ubiquitous Value Network] a reality by building an integrated business model that combines hardware and network services with the aim of creating value added, appealing products.

In the future, Sony's printer business will develop high quality hardware products and connect them to a wide variety of Sony products and services to offer not only digital photography printing but also document, graphics and other contents and network services print solutions. Such printing services will include digital photos, game computers and IT related services plus additional new personal printing products that reflect Sony's innovation and quality.