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Sony Introduces a New Camcorder that Enables Users to Exchange Data through the Network without Using a PC

(Tokyo, Japan, August 20, 2001) Sony Corporation today announced the introduction of a new compact, light, and BluetoothTM* compatible camcorder, "Network Handycam IP" that enables users to exchange data through the Network without using a PC. The camcorder will be launched in the Japanese and European markets this fall, and gradually expanded to other regions later.

Sony has been leading the world's camcorder market with a restless pursuit for compactness, lightweight and high picture quality at the same time offering customers new formats and exciting new ways of using camcorders. Until now, camcorders have been widely used to film, watch and edit images, but recently, owners have started to use them to exchange and share filmed materials over the Internet. In order to foster this trend, Sony will introduce the new concept "Network Handycam IP" camcorder as a tool for mobile communication.

The new "Network Handycam IP" comes equipped with Bluetooth functionality. Users can access the Internet through either a Bluetooth compatible modem adaptor, "BTA-NW1" (sold separately) or a Bluetooth compatible mobile phone (eg. au's model "C413S"), instead of a PC. Making it possible to send and receive short video clips and still images recorded on a Memory Stick by email, access digital photo sharing web sites on Japan's digital photo sharing web site called "ImageStation" or browse Internet web pages without a PC, anytime anywhere.

In an effort to push the boundaries of compactness, light weight and increased network friendliness, Sony has developed a new format named "MICROMV" based on the MPEG2 data compression technology, and will employ this new format in the "Network Handycam IP", [DCR-IP7].

MPEG2, employed by the MICROMV format is widely used in digital broadcasting and DVD videos. Due to its scalability, MPEG can change data rate flexibly in response to the condition of the Network and is ideal for handling data on line. By employing this new MICROMV format, Sony has been able to create a camcorder with high picture and sound quality, equivalent to the DV format, while achieving a significant reduction in the size of the both product and media (MICROMV cassette is 30% the volume of miniDV cassettes). In addition, by connecting the camera to a PC with an i.LINK cable, video clips recorded can be transferred to a PC so that the images can edited and processed.

Looking towards the Broadband Network era, Sony is seeking to create a Ubiquitous "Value" Network by seamlessly connecting a wealth of Sony hardware and the Network together with innovative content and services. The new "Network Handycam IP" is the first product specially designed towards this goal.

With the "Network Handycam IP", Sony is taking the camcorder from being "a tool for recording" to "an image portal". Sony will promote the "Network Handycam IP" as a new type of consumer electronics product that will push the world's camcorder market beyond its traditional boundaries.

*Bluetooth is a trademark owned by its proprietor and used by Sony under license

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