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Press Release

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August 21, 2001

power-burn_logo Sony Unveils New Power-BurnTM Technology to Ensure Secure Data Writing on CD-R/RW

- To Be Employed in Built-in 24X CD-R/RW Drives and Commercialized for OEM -

Tokyo, Japan - Sony Corporation today announced it will introduce a built-in CD-R/RW drive [CRX175E] that employs a new technology called "Power-BurnTM" that ensures secure data writing onto CD-R/RW disks. The shipment of [CRX175E] to PC makers and other manufacturers will begin from early September 2001.

Built-in CD-R/RW drive [CRX175E] employing new Power-BurnTM technology

Product Sample shipment begins Sample price (tax excluded)
Built-in CD-R/RW drive
Early September 2001 20,000 Japanese yen

Power-Burn is a new technology designed to prevent errors in writing data onto a CD-R/RW disk in a CD-R/RW drive by automatically setting up the optimum recording conditions for the media while automatically adjusting to the delay in data transmission from a host PC. Even if data writing onto a CD-R/RW disk is interrupted due to delays in data transmission from the host PC (buffer under-run), Power-Burn technology instantly controls and accurately connects the interruption and resumption points of the data recording to give continuous writing indispensable for CD-R/RW playback compatibility. In addition Power-Burn automatically optimizes recording conditions for the CD-R/RW drive such as the writing speed and the strength of recording laser light,analyzing the disk quality by reading pre-recorded information like the recommended recording speed and the conditions of a recordable side of the disk.

The built-in CD-R/RW drive [CRX175E] realizes 24X high-speed CD-R writing while the adoption of Power-Burn gives stable writing. In general, the acceleration of writing speed of CD-R/RW drives increases the possibility of delay in the data transmission from the host PC, which causes buffer under-run. Because [CRX175E] stops its data transmission when buffer under-run occurs and resumes writing only after a sufficient amount of data has been transmitted from the host PC, it avoids writing errors. With high performance in both of the timing of when to resume writing and the location of where to resume writing, [CRX175E] allows recorded data to be read out smoothly during playback. In addition, the [CRX175E] tests data writing in order to automatically set the optimal recording conditions for each recording media as it reads out the maker's pre-recorded information on the disk. When a large gap is detected between the center core of a recording media and the rotation axis of a drive, [CRX175E] automatically changes its recording conditions to a recordable writing speed.

In the future Sony aims to continue developing data recording technologies to provide customers with an environment where they can process important data with ease and confidence.

[CRX175E] Key Features
1) Secure data writing onto a CD-R/RW by new Power-Burn technology:
By adopting Power-Burn technology, [CRX175E] responds to the media's quality and conditions as well as to delays in data transmission from the host PC, enabling data to be securely written on a CD-R/RW disk.

2) 24X CD-R writing/10X CD-RW rewriting/40X CD-ROM reading-out:
A maximum of 24X writing to CD-R is possible. The data capacity of one CD disk (650MB) can be recorded within approximately 4 minutes (in the case of the entire disk being written at once).

Main Specifications

Built-in CD-R/RW Drive "CRX175E"
Interface EIDE (ATAPI)
Buffer memory 2 MB
Access duration Average of 150 ms
Write-in speed (CD-R) 4X, 8X, 12X, 16 to 24X (*1)
Write-in speed (CD-RW) 4X, 8X(*2), 10X (*2)
Read-out speed Up to 40X
Compliant disk (CD-R) 12cm (Orange Book Part II compliant)
Compliant disk (CD-RW) 12cm (Orange Book Part III compliant)
Dimensions (width x height x depth) 146mm x 41.4mm x 197mm
Weight Approx. 1kg
Power supply DC 5/12 V
Electric current consumption Maximum of 5V 1.0A/12V 1.2A
Drive installable direction Both vertical and horizontal

(*1) With ZCLV recording and a 24X high-speed writing CD-R disk
(*2) With a high-speed compliant CD-RW disk