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Press Release

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August 2, 2001

Samsung and Sony Announce Memory Stick Collaboration

Samsung Electronics
Sony Corporation

Seoul, Korea and Tokyo, Japan, August 2, 2001 - Samsung Electronics and Sony Corporation today announced that the two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen their cooperative ties, initially exploring the possibility of the adoption by Samsung of Memory Stick in consumer products such as digital audio products, digital camcorders, DVDs, mobile phones, PCs, PDAs, TVs, and so on. Based on the memorandum of understanding, the two companies will share information related to Memory Stick and jointly develop new Memory Stick compliant products. The two companies will also be engaged in the joint promotion of Memory Stick to positively stimulate the industry.

Samsung is currently aiming to introduce Memory Stick adapters for their notebook and desktop PCs in the second half of this year. From next year, Samsung's PC products will be equipped with built-in slots for Memory Sticks. Sony will support Samsung technically in the development of Samsung's Memory Stick compliant products. Samsung opted for the Memory Stick as their next-generation IC recording media because of its securely expandable capabilities. Samsung believes that Sony's marketing strengths cumulated over years can be well combined with Samsung's digital technologies to help maintain the two companies' leading positions in the market.

"Flash memory and DRAM are emerging as Samsung's mainstay devices. The collaboration with Sony will help Samsung bolster its value-added flash memory business," said Daeje Chin, Samsung Electronics Digital Media Business Division President. "Through this collaboration, we are able to build an infrastructure to lead the networked digital consumer electronics market. General responses to the memory stick have been very positive, and Sony's marketing strategy is exceptional. We are hoping to provide an additional support to facilitate the appearance of a variety of unique and entertaining Memory Stick compliant products. While continuing to provide Smartmedia to the marketplace, we will begin to introduce adapters compatible with both Smartmedia and Memory Stick, which will give users a choice of recording media they prefer to use."

"We are delighted to announce the collaboration with Samsung on Memory Stick," said Suehiro Nakamura, Executive Deputy President of Sony Corporation. "The Memory Stick format is currently supported by 167 companies. Through this collaboration, we hope to accelerate the development of attractive mobile and home Memory Stick products with which consumers can easily enjoy network services any time anywhere in the broadband network era."

Since its market introduction in September 1998, Memory Stick has evolved from a semiconductor storage media for recording picture images and/or computer data to a networking media that can respond to network services such as Internet, telecommunication and multimedia Kiosks, etc. Samsung and Sony are bringing together their respective know-how and skills to extend Memory Stick develop as a user platform that can better accommodate a variety of content including still and moving pictures as well as music that will be distributed through various network services in the future.