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Press Release

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August 22, 2001

"Anycast, Experience the Future" - Sony at BIRTV 2001

(BEIJING, 22 August, 2001) Sony today present its latest technological innovations in digital and broadcasting technology to facilitate customers the seamless migration from analogue to digital at the 10th Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition 2001(BIRTV 2001) from 23 August, 2001 to 26 August, 2001.

Anycast World
The emerging of the broadband interactive era, broadcasters are increasingly looking for solutions, which is able to deliver digital broadcasting solution through more delivery channels with faster access and interactive capability. Sony strives to empower our customers to realize the digital broadcasting opportunities in the Anycast world. This means Sony will provide the tools for rich content creation and unique production environments. In Anycast World, broadband network environment is the key. It is to provide interactive rich contents in ANYTIME, to ANYWHERE and to ANYONE of us. This means more information, carried through broader channels, reaching a larger audience. It is an incredible new world where broadcasting, telecommunication, media, computer are interactive. Access to value-added rich content providers is made easier via broadband network which involves extended distribution thru satellite, wireless and even Internet. More, mutual access to contents between homes, corporations and even on the move will become reality.

In its 720 square metre exhibition floor, Sony is dedicated to present an extensive broadcast product line-up and show how it enables the customers realise the impending profitability from broadband opportunities. With the concept of "Anycast World" the booth incorporates the thematic world of High Definition, MPEG, Archive System, Distribution System, DVCAM, Audio and Display.

The HD World
Sony is one of the manufacturer offering a wide array of high definition broadcast products, Sony debut its HDW-750 high definition digital camcorder and HDW-2000 high definition digital recorder both offering a powerful workhorse solution to HDTV environments as well as to current SDTV system. For live production and post-production, Sony offers its latest non-linear editors9HDTV & SDTV) - XPRI, multi-format production switcher - MVS-8000, BVM-D series digital monitors and MAV-777 multi-access videodisk recorder.

The Open MPEG World
Heading toward a digital networked broadcast environment, MPEG is the best way to create an end-to-end, consistent and compressed production chain. Sony is supporting the specific MPEG IMX family with MPEG-2 4:2:2P@ML at 50Mbs such as MSW-900P camcorder and MSW-2000 recorder series which is able to play back Betacam, MPEG IMX, Betacam SX, Betacam SP. In addition, the J-series compact players offer affordable compact office viewers to producers and journalists.

From Digital to Practical
Sony will demonstrate its system solutions at the Anycast world display. One of the important members in the Anycast world is Media Asset Management System. The increasing complexity of future broadcast operation calls for more efficient and reliable archive system. The PetaSite System allows simple media storage to a variety of automated mass storage systems, which included DMS-B9, DMS-B35, PetaSite 80, PetaSite 150 and PetaSite 8400. Their storage capacity is ranging from 540GB to 29PB.

The sale of DVCAM series is a phenomenal success. The DVCAM sales totaled to more than 15,000 units in China as of June, whereas world sales amounted to 200,000 units (March, 2001). DVCAM series are now in production in Beijing in China and ready for export.

Interested parties of this premier trade event please visit our booth at Hall No.12 Beijing Exhibition Hall on 23-26 August 2001.