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Press Release

The press releases on this website are provided for historical reference purposes only. Please note that certain information may have changed since the date of release.
August 22, 2001

SONY and Dayang Company Further the Development on open MPEG platform

BEIJING, 22 August, 2001(BIRTV 2001, Hall No. 12) Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited (Sony) today announced the strategic alliance with Dayang Technology Development Co. Ltd (Dayang Company) to jointly explore the integration of MPEG technology to the broadcast products especially for the China market.

Sony and Dayang Company signed the memorandum of understanding during BIRTV 2000. Since then, the two companies have achieved encouraging results in advancing technological support and interactive system platform of MPEG products for future investigation and cooperation.

Now, Sony and Dayang Company have come up with more solutions in enhancing the development of MPEG products.

1. Both companies announced to support the SDTI-CP interface between Sony MPEG IMX VTR and Dayang company non-linear editing system to have 2-time speed for material transfer.
2. With Sony DVCAM digital tape recorder and Dayang Company's non-linear editing system, 4-time material upload and download speed can be achieved.
3. Dayang Company systemize Sony MAV-70XGI for broadcast and multi-channel playout system.
4. Dayang Company developed a total solution of archive system with Sony PetaSite storage system and Digital Tape Format (DTF) technology.

Sony and Dayang Company will strengthen their co-operation in consolidating and expanding its product chain and system to prepare for the future development.